The people’s confidence in the economy is dropping, people are not very hopeful that the economy is going to improve. The people are now blaming this on [JB] and the puppetmasters. The infrastructure bill is not about infrastructure and the people know this and they rejecting it.

Yellen says we have until Oct 18 and then the gov runs out of money, fear tactics, running red. The tide is turning, people around the world are pushing back against the dictators. The [DS] polls numbers are dropping — nobody believes them anymore, they know they are lying. The same goes with the pandemic, people who were silent are now speaking out. The push to have everyone vaccinated by making it mandatory is falling apart, the OSHA push was a hoax to convince businesses to do the [DS] dirty work, this is now backfiring on them the [DS] and big pharma.

AG Brnovich tells Maricopa County Supervisors ‘do not destroy evidence.’ This is a warning.

Across the ocean in the UK they are now reporting that the election was rigged.

The only way forward is transparency and prosecution, the people must be shown and those who rigged the election — committed treason– must be held accountable.

Consumer Confidence Drops to 7-Month Low as Expectations Grow Dimmer 

  • U.S. consumer confidence declined for the third straight month in September 
  • The Conference Board said Tuesday that its consumer confidence index fell to a reading of 109.3 in September from 115.2 in August.
  • Economists had expected confidence to rise one point from the initially reported July level to 114.8. The previous month’s confidence level, previously reported at 113.8, was revised up to 115.2.