When Merck bowed out of the Covid “vaxx” game, I wondered why. Could it be this was an honest pharmaceutical company? Turns out that’s possible, but the bigger reason is this.

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By Radiopatriot

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  1. WOnder what the price will be? I am sure sky high! Be cheaper to pay frontline dr and get prescription. Can’t remember specifics but remember Tamiflu is really bad and seem like 5 years ago it was close to $100 with insurance. Will just take my ivermetcin paste if I need to that I bought at Tractor supply.

  2. Thru the ‘70s I did a lot of construction work at Merck plants in Rahway, NJ, Putney, GA, and many times in Elton, VA. Demanding schedules to construct facilities to get product on the market before others. They were good people to work for. Hope their product works.

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