Think Trump would be speaking with a “traitor” if he didn’t follow orders?

Pence Says He’s Spoken With Trump ‘Probably a Dozen Times’ Since Leaving Office. 

“We’ve spoken probably a dozen times since the inauguration,” Pence said on Thursday’s installment of the Ruthless podcast. 

“And I believe that future is bright because I think what we’ve got to do is tell the story of what we did the last four years, Smug, and not be smug about it,” Pence joked to Ruthless co-host Comfortably Smug. “We also have to articulate a positive conservative agenda that will draw the American people to us, that would show how we would govern differently and based that on how we did govern differently during our admin and facing the challenges going forward.”

But when asked if he’d consider returning as Trump’s running mate in a potential 2024 bid, Pence responded, “wherever my wife and I feel called, we’ll go.”

This just doesn’t sound like a “traitor” to me all.


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