Another spitball , coming off reading PP Devolution part 12 – The (Color Revolution) Playbook – 

RED:CLAS movement PELOSI or PENCE is the EVENT in Color Revolution

 – Deep State will fabricate an EVENT – CLAS (unknown name) movement 

     Made of Antifa/BLM – posing as MAGA/Q followers 

      Stir up revolution against Biden administration for January 6

 – PELOSI or PENCE are Catalysts for the EVENT or movement

     Two most hated villains  by MAGA for Jan 6  

 (PENCE – active campaign on social media against him by MAGA

   “The Movement capitalizes upon an Event only after it has operated a successful information campaign

    Allegations, not proof, of the above are what is most important in creating the catalyst for an Event.”

   Adam Schiff’s tweet – “They. Tried. To. Kill. You. Mister. Vice. President.”)  

 – CLAS movement (created by Deep State) of MAGA – will threaten to detonate bombs against Biden’s administration, if their DOJ does not arrest Pelosi or Pence or both for treason

   (Think SCOTUS bomb-threatener) 

– Biden sends troops to locations in response for security, remove bombs

  – Real purpose – TO GO AFTER TRUMP SUPPORTERS – in guise of citizen riot control

  – Begin hunting down, arresting MAGA “members of movement”

 RED4 is triggered

  – Dave x22 – thinks Trump may have designated Antifa/BLM as terrorist org before he left office under Insurrection Act

  –  Under Devolution – military arrests ANTIFA/BLM as terrorists in countermove