Better watch it now before it is YouTube-ethnicized as other uploads of this have been.


As a fan of early animation, I can say this is very much the style of the late 20s and early 30s. The vocals are very reminiscent of Fleischer cartoons with Cab Calloway singing. It couldn’t be produced from scratch in this day and age. It would take years to hand animate. Each cell would have to be hand drawn. Similar style to Fleischer’s Swing you Sinners, Bimbo’s Initiation, Betty Boop’s Red Hot Mama and Disney’s Hells Bells. Could it be a patched up compilation of old footage? I believe that would be fairly easy to find. Could someone have overlaid a song on a older silent cartoon? Definitely possible. The cartoon itself can’t be discounted based on that. People have overlaid music on top of silent films forever. A piano player would have played music in the theater. Sound in cartoon film was introduced with Disney’s Steamboat Willie in 1928. Although, early animation was most prominent in America, it was also produced throughout the world. Although the story cards and music could be altered, the animation would be hard to replicate even with computers. The “rubberhose” style animation is not easy for computer animation. My opinion is the animation sequences are of that era. The story still reads without the story cards and song. Obvious what is happening in cartoon which is good storytelling. The attention being paid to debunk is interesting in itself. Similar characters and shapes to other cartoons is not evidence. The ripping off of animated characters and styles were rampant during that time. A studio straight up used Mickey Mouse but just changed his ear shape. Until all the footage is shown to be reused from other cartoons, it’s my opinion the animation is from that time period.