Conversation on TELEGRAM:

Joe Lange:

There are some fascinating Q posts, which talk about game theory & logical thinking. We know that the enemy has infiltrated every facet of government & society, including critical positions within the Exec branch in prior administrations, and top law enforcement DOJ, FBI, & CIA.  Imagine if you are top military brass who have been monitoring it all, and you come to the full realization of the enormity & extent of the infiltration, and what must be done to dismantle it, without destroying the entire system along with it. 

Q said, “Do we let our enemies walk through the front door?” I think the answer is YES. Game theory. That is EXACTLY what Trump did – He ALLOWED the enemy to walk right through the front door in order to catch them, and show the Amer people their evil intentions.

One reason for the length of time this is taking, is to draw out the enemy, using controlled deception.  How can you clean house?  By allowing Biden to appear to “WIN”, so that they think they’re in control, they come out of hiding and reveal themselves. They’re not careful because they think they have the reins of power. 

Going back to Trump’s statement to Charlie Rose in a 1992 interview before he ran for Pres., that “Someday I’d like to lose everything, just to see who’s loyal and who is not loyal.”  This time it’s on a HUGE scale.  That is why Q has said, “This is NOT another [4] year election.” The number 4 is in brackets [4], meaning it was a 4-yr plan.

I used to think there was a possibility that Trump had a Plan A, B, C etc. going through the Congress, then courts, then to devolution.  But now I understand he was just checking boxes to satisfy Constitutional requirements, and to reveal fraud to the states and get them to audit. Devolution through the military IS the only way, using deception about the winner of the election.

The one BIG thing I think people are missing with other theories, using SCOTUS or Congress, is that this BRILLIANT plan made that NOT applicable.  By Trump stepping away completely and handing off to the military to conduct a “contingency operation”, the MILITARY is then at the TOP of the Org chart.  There is NO legitimate CIC. They were installed in a SUCCESSFUL OVERTHROW of the US Government.  Jan 6 electoral college vote proceeded and was not stopped.  Therefore, as of Jan 20, there is NO Commander-in-Chief, making this a full contingency operation of the highest order, conducted totally by the military.  ALL actions will come directly from the military when GO times arrives, until Trump is reinstated IMO.


“My thoughts exactly. I will also say I think just as deep and wide the DS, the white hats are too. Meaning that there are some in all the sectors to assist this along. There has to be some in banking to move to an alternative economy. I think some of Hollywood is involved to, especially since Mnuchin is a film producer.

Take the show Designated Survivor, came out prior to the 2016 election. Follows the Trump term very closely, all the issues closely. In 2018, the storyline was that a virus was introduced that targeted certain races. Now, there was an article that states China has developed it.

In 2017, the show depicted the Oval Office being bugged by someone who was supposedly a friend. Do you remember when the Trumps moved out for several weeks while workers were updating the wiring and air conditioning?

Q started talking about Matrix 4 before the trailer came out. Then the trailer came out and has a lot of things that refers to Q posts.

It’s all very coincidental. — JJMil