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I retired as an airline pilot after 40 years. I support www.usfreedomflyers.org and forwarded the website address to my airline cohorts. Time to stand up to unconstitutional tyranny 

Jim2 min agoPRAISE GOD for all of SWA’s smart American employees. The rest of us will remember your bold stand for TRUTH, JUSTICE, and the American Way. Each of you are Supermen & women!Thank you, 1Reply
Dennis D. Duffy10 min agoDear Anonymous SW Pilot,Thank you and your colleagues for being true Americans. Standing for freedom and liberation liberty. I had a daughter stranded in Denver who had to rent a car and drive to Chicago but this is what MUST be done! Civil disobedience to wake up others in a covid trance! 8Reply
Chuck19 min agoAs A Delta pilot, you have my support, and admiration. A nationwide work stoppage in all industries would wake this country up quickly. No mandatory vaccine! 6Reply
The Nomad11 min agoSo good to see a Delta pilot standing in solidarity! Thank you.  1Reply
Faye12 min agođź‘Ź Go pilots & crew members! Go! Go! Go! It’s high time for some really strong pushback! 2Reply
Bob19 min agoHooray for this SW Pilot!I saw that 800 flights by SW were canceled yesterday, and another 1,000 today.The “silent majority” is being heard and felt. Keep it up. We see the crap that is goingon everywhere. First it affect the parents, then they want to control your children andfamily. Common sense has to prevail at all costs. This is just an approved form of bullying.What happened to all of the those activists that were against bullies? I’m 72yrs old andup until last year, never stuck my head into politics, but what I have seen in the last year,and especially the last 9 months has fired me up. I will be going to my first school board meeting and will voice MY American Freedom opinion and position. I am going to supportANY candidate in 2022 that is running against any incumbent, whether or not that they areRepublican or Democrat. It is time to get rid of the status quo.  4Reply
Frab15 min agoIf you’d like to support the growing anti-mandate movement, here’s how you can help. US Freedom Flyers currently encompasses all travel and transportation-affiliated industries, including all employees, unionized or not, who are affected by the Federal Government’s Covid-19 Vaccine Mandates. Whether you’re a pilot, flight attendant, mechanic, dispatcher, gate agent, or ramper, we have room for you!In addition, we seek to be an inclusive organization contributing to the support of other industries. If you are in other transportation industries, such as shipping, trucking, bussing, etc. please join our organization! If you are in an industry other than transportation and travel, we welcome you also, and want to collaborate with you to help preserve our medical freedoms!https://www.usfreedomflyers.org/ 2Reply
The Nomad5 min agoI love usfreedomflyers.org. They have renewed my faith in humanity. I’m a proud flight attendant member.  1Reply
Anne18 min agoMy stepfather was a pilot. He would be proud of what you are doing. Thank you to all who are standing up to mandates for pilots. Passengers are next. We need to fight this every step of the way.  2Reply
skimmer11 min agoThis is the wayReply
Your Mom4 hr agoDear Anonymous SW Pilot:Until this walkout the Covid mania felt like it was on a runaway train toward dictatorship. Mandates to work, travel, shop, etc. Mandates for kids. It felt inevitable. What you and your colleagues are doing has given me much needed hope.From one former Airman to another, I cannot thank you enough. And if you were Navy then that’s okay too 🙂 429Reply
Bobbi Crandall4 hr agoI can tell you, as a retired flight attendant, I have worked a few “work to rule’ slow downs, they ARE effective. A glass (when we used to have glass) breaks in the galley…can’t just clean it up at the gate. No, no, rug has be changed out, maintenance has to come, someone has to sign-off logbook, flight is delayed, crew goes illegal, etc,,, this is how it works. You are following the strictest interpretation of the FAA rules. I am beyond THRILLED to see these pilots do this. Selfishly, I don’t want to fly with a blood clotting pilot. Sudafed used to be one of the few “allowed” meds- now a shot with UNKOWN substances and short/long term effects are perfectly fine? Hard pass. Even though I worked for a competing airline and still have flight benefits, I will gladly join their picket line if they strike. And I am not at all pro-union. Bodily autonomy HAS to be the red line. 302Reply
Politically Homeless3 hr agoWell said. I too am thrilled to finally see a pushback. These mandates are immoral. 107Reply
Lmoore3212 hr agoNot wanting to fly with a pilot who may die or pass out due to blood clots is not selfish.  75Reply
TimmyTheRabbit35 min agoAnd tugs should ALWAYS wait for the required safe distance before passing behind a taxiing aircraft. And cans should be carefully loaded, one weight-checked bag at a time. And… 🙂 4Reply
Diana4 hr agoAgreed. SW Pilots and crew are heros!Lets go Brandon!