“It’s becoming plainly obvious to anyone with base-level awareness that Biden’s admin is either deliberately nuking the supply chain/economy or doing absolutely nothing to remedy it. This is where the sheep brains are getting stuck:

“Why is he doing this? A bad economy is bad for re-election. Doesn’t his admin know that?”

These sleepy sleepertons have yet to grasp that by forcing the world economy and labor markets into a state of crisis, Biden’s camp can present permanent tyrannical solutions which eliminate the need for elections altogether, much less his re-election.

Southwest is just a taste of what’s to come. Watch what happens when vaccine mandates kick in for warehouses and distribution centers.

This Christmas shopping season is going to be Christmas staring at empty shelves season.



I never understood the “religious exemption” for things like vaccine mandates. How is making your own choices a religious marker? I’m an American endowed with freedom. That’s my exemption.

Yes being dragged along with the sheep through their rude awakening is incredibly frustrating and painful. Believe me, I’m not enjoying any of it. But when all is said and done, I believe we’ll be better people and grateful for the experience.

Drop 4476 – How did Hitler seize power?

What you’re seeing today is the same playbook the cult used to conjure Nazi Germany:

1. Crash world economy 

2. Force mass unemployment 

3. Create vacuum for widespread crime

4. Offer radical yet simple solution (tyranny) to the problem that they created

5. Scapegoat and eliminate remaining “rogue/problem” population(s)

6. NWO

Make no mistake, this is what they’re attempting at this very moment in our nation. Because unlike Germany, America is the world’s keystone. If it falls the world falls. But here’s the important part:

America itself, with its vast land, wealth, resources, technology, and military might only represents half of the equation: it’s the stone, ie, the all-encompassing power to subdue freedom for eternity. 

The other half is the key: the American people. They can’t unlock the the stone unless we hand over the keys of freedom.

Meld the key to your soul.