Firefighters and Police returning their boots to city hall.

Power in numbers!


By Radiopatriot

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  1. This is heartbreaking to see all these people that have to leave their jobs because of this illegal vaccine mandate. May God bless all of those who had to make this horrible unfair choice. I pray that they all are able someway to provide for their families. I pray this entire administration and the companies who are mandating these vaccines be held accountable for these crimes against humanity. Shame on all of you. May all these poison arrows turn around and hit you tenfold. God help you all.

  2. My fear is that the illegal aliens coming across the border and now being flown into our neighborhoods will soon be wearing those boots. We need TRUMP’s return very very soon. Legal changes are coming very slowly. We already have the same number of NEW PEOPLE as there are citizens in 11 of our states. This is the same as killing off 11 states and giving those to new illegal alien unqualified people we know nothing about. A large group went into North Florida. Voting in 2022 will not change this situation.

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