Who Owns the World?

A reader left the link to this video in a reply to my post “PORTS.” He wrote, “My comment is not about this particular post, but would like to use it as a forum to get this video out. It is the most comprehensive video I have ever watched, describing the monopoly we face world-wide, in e-v-e-r-y industry:”

I watched it.

If we don’t get this right, patriots, we truly are looking into an abyss that will place our children and countless generations after that in a dark world. A VERY dark, hellish world.

NOW is the time to rise up. There’s no time to waste. We really are “at the precipice” of a nightmare. We must get involved and push back. Hard.


By Radiopatriot

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  1. I watched the video and I didn’t ‘like it’ – I loved it – and I STRONGLY believe *EVERYONE* should watch it, even those who have been struggling to fight the evil for a long time – years if not decades. It clearly summarizes the bare facts, without going into lengthy, embellished dialog; what is happening, what could happen and who we’re up against. Gritty facts.

    What it is not is directly political, probably because, when it gets down to specifics, this war *isn’t* political. It’s about humanity relinquishing control of the power over our lives and the fight to retain it and to save us from those defined from attaining total power before it’s too late.

    The video exposes and defines the current players in real time. It’s an excellent video for someone who is awake and ready to go down their first rabbit hole – to the old, tired salt like me who appreciates hearing there are more people on this planet who are doing what they can to fight the good fight.

    Most of the information was not new to me, what I didn’t know already fit right in with what I have previously learned. It did clarify the picture of what the Q team has been up against and why their plan has to be synchronized and carried out perfectly to succeed. You MUST watch it.

    It’s well worth the hour and few minutes to watch it. Believe me.

    Now go to war.

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