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The Players

[WH]: White House Administration

[Hussein]: Barack Hussein Obama 44th President Of The United States

[VJ]: Valerie Jarrett Senior Advisor To Hussein

[DM]: Denis McDonough White House Chief of Staff

[JB]: Joe Biden Vice President

[RE]: Ross David Edelman – Special Assistant to the President

[JK]: John Kerry Secretary of State

[SP]: Samantha Power Ambassador to the United Nations

[KM]: Kelly Magsamen Special Assistant to the President

[DOJ]: Department Of Justice

[LL]: Loretta Lynch Attorney General

[SY]: Sally Yates United States Attorney

[BO]: Bruce Ohr Associate Deputy Attorney General

[CS]: Christopher Steele British Intelligence Officer

[DL]: David Laufman Federal prosecutor

[PS]: Peter Strzok Worked on Robert Mueller’s Investigation

[DL]: David Lawrence Counsel to the Assistant Attorney General

[JM]: John Carlin Assistant Attorney General

[MM]: Mary McCord Principal Deputy Assistant Attorney General

[RB]: Rachel Brand Associate Attorney General

[FBI]: Federal Bureau Of Investigations

[JC]: James Comey Director of the FBI

[AM]: Andrew McCabe Deputy Director of the FBI

[JR]: Jim Rybicki FBI Chief of Staff

[MS]: Michael Steinbach FBI’s Executive Assistant Director

[BP]: Bill Priestap Assistant Director of the FBI

[PS]: Peter Strzok Investigator

[LP]: Lisa Page FBI lawyer

[JB]: James Baker FBI Special Counsil

[MK]: Mike Kortan FBI Assistant Director

[JC]: Josh Campbell FBI Supervisory Special Agent

[SM]: Sally Moyer FBI Attorney

[TG]: Tashina Gauhar FISA Lawyer

[KC]: Kevin Clinesmith FBI Lawyer


[HRC]: Hillary Rodham Clinton Secretary Of State

[BC]: Bill Clinton 42nd U.S. President

[HA]: Huma Abedin Personal Assistant to Hillary Clinton

[cm]: Cheryl Mills Adviser to Hillary Clinton

[RM]: Robby Mook Hillary Clinton’s Campaign Manager.

[NO NAME]: John McCain United States Senator

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