But that wouldn’t be Christian-like, would it?

Coward fears us. 👇

NEW – U.S. Department of Homeland Security is building a taxpayer-funded $457,000 security fence around Biden’s Delaware beach house. The barrier is currently “in progress” and is planned to be finished by December 31 this year.


Biden White House delays release of the second batch of JFK assassination files until December 2022, cites “significant impact” of the pandemic.  — The Trumpist

This is unbelievable… this guy has lost his mind… his handler Jill Biden had to usher him off the mic when he walked up and started talking into it, while the band was playing.. wow. — Joe Oltmann

Whoa: More Americans Hate Biden Than Ever Before
Bidens approval rating just hit an all new low. Now even the Democrat run polling firms are reporting that barely anyone actually supports Joe Biden. So much for him being the most popular President ever… — Conservative Daily

“Need to peel back the layers and show how evil the rest are.  He’s taking the fall for many.  Don’t get me wrong.  I despise him but it is so beyond pathetic.” — Bea Smith