“The devil and those who worship and serve him must tell you in advance what they are going to do.

That is the devil’s way of being exonerated for his wrongdoing. “Don’t blame me, I told you so.”

Pastors and preachers should tell their flocks more about the devil, how he operates, and how to deal with him. God is real. So is the devil. 

Speaking of the devil, did anyone happen to see the Super Bowl halftime show this year?

It was a satanic ritual starting with the fallen angel and a satanic dance with the dancers wearing masks and dancing 6 feet apart. Wow! They danced the way they want to force us to live!!!

Talk about one weird halftime show!!!

Then in the background of the stadium there was an outline of a metropolitan city skyline surrounded by and almost engulfed in fire.

What was that all about? How does that relate to football and halftime entertainment? Was it a show or a warning? I just know I did not find it entertaining. 

Wait. The thought just hit me. 

Do you think these Godless Commies with their satanic beliefs are going to attack our nation and burn our cities?

Can you even begin to imagine a war on American soil against foreign and domestic enemies for our freedom and unity???

Wow, that sure would wake up the sleepers wouldn’t it?

It that ever happened, and I pray it does not, we are blessed that our military became experts in urban warfare fighting those 20 years in an unjustified war in Afghanistan started by Traitor President Bush 43. 

If that ever happened, we would probably not laugh about President Trump creating Space Force like the media Commies laughed when the President announced its formation. 

I think Space Force is cool. And I think the United States under President Trump dominates space. Little wonder they call its members the Guardians. 

We do live in extraordinary times, don’t we?

No time like the present to find and/or strengthen your relationship with Jesus Christ. 

Jesus takes the uncertainty out of the future and promises that “the best is yet to come.”

Just sayin.’”

Lin 🙏❤️🇺🇸