A wise man’s heart inclines him to the right, but a fool’s heart to the left. 
–(Ecc 10:2)

There are three things that progressives crave, yea, four things that they diligently seek: status, power, adulation, and other people’s money.

If the government is allowed to ignore the law in an emergency, then the government will create emergencies in order to ignore the law.

Who has real power? Whoever is not permitted to be laughed at.

When Republicans screw up, that’s the story. When the Democrats screw up, the Republicans’ reaction is the story. (h/t Jim Treacher)

Hate has no home here, but vengeance has a master suite, resentment is in the guest room, and entitlement sleeps every night on the couch. (h/t Berserker-Dragonheads Division)

Conservatives bring knives to the gunfight, but progressives bring guns to the knife fight.

Journalists give awards to one another for the fake news they publish and FBI agents pat themselves on the back for stopping conspiracies they themselves incite.

Marxists hate capitalism, but they really love money. (h/t kbdabear)

Women tend to be liberals because they need the government to replace all the males they’ve pushed out of their lives.

Hating women is misogyny. Hating men is feminism.

There are no independent fact checkers. If there were, the media would ignore them and big tech would censor them. (h/t Pat Condell)

Never take history lessons from people who think the world started the day they were born. (h/t G’rump928(c))

We can be reassured that the GOP has our back — mostly with a knife in it.(h/t J.J. Sefton)

Like a den of lying weasels or a clown car crammed with traitors, so is the weekly Bulwark staff meeting.

Things are not getting worse, they are getting uncovered.

Squeal Like A Pig!
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In a small town in Central Maine where some are small and parochial thinkers, there are others who see and understand the BIG picture. Photo below was part of this home’s Halloween decorations. Let’s Go Brandon!