Domestic Enemies, including Project Veritas’ latest expose’

And now…

By Radiopatriot

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  1. Was marchers NYC? Saw 12000 came across bridge. Proud of them and somewhat surprised, guess they can’t take it anymore.

  2. X22 Dave had Bitcoin Ben on the other day. They are made for each other. I wonder how the Good Guys in control are not able to stop the influx of terrorists, poor, and violent criminals? You think they might want to do something? Why don’t they see this as an even bigger problem once they “take over” and manifest the control they say they have?

    You think this might be in line with what they plan too?

    “You can’t tell people, you have to show people,” is exactly the way the bad guys operate. They have shown us plenty. They say what they are going to do and then they do it. They have the media and culture to back them up.

    What the people need to see and be shown is the traitors under arrest and hung. We have had enough of this obscure talk and vague references to a day of reckoning.

    If the “good guys” [ there is none good but God according to Jesus ] are really going to restore our founding principles it won’t happen without violence. If we have a military, we may make it. If all the military does is install different people in the same system…we’re done.

    We are not going to “DEAL” our way out of this. You do nor deal with the devil: you resist him. To do that you kill his physical agents. “Thou shalt not kill,” applies to individuals but not to the military be they police or army.

    Ever notice how modern Bible experts want that verse to say, “Thou shalt not murder.”? That’s because they are ignorant. They got that way by correcting the Bible their entire lives. Infidels! Infidels who quote Hebrew and Greek and do not understand English!

    If God had said, “Ye shalt not kill.” That would have restricted it to murder. Thou shalt not kill is personal. Thou is singular Ye is plural. That’s one reason the King James uses thees and thous. The English language can be very precise unless you pervert it.

    We used to use the Bible in this country to teach kids how to read. An 8th grader could read and understand the Federalist Papers. These days college grads cannot get their heads around them.

    I do not trust any of these actors unless and until they prove what they are about. I already know what the current power structure is about and the end is slavery. The jury is out on this Q-related bunch.

    If you “have it all” I assume you are using it. Since we don’t see how you are using it, then I assume you are making deals with the ones you “have it all” upon. Behind the scenes deals. They did say we are watching a movie. Movie watchers do not give direction nor do they produce. They pay the price to watch the movie.

    So far, this is one very expensive movie. “The end won’t be for everyone,” can be taken so many ways. As usual. Right now, I am going to be like Han Solo and say, “I’ve got a bad feeling about this.”

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