Nurse Deplorable posted something on telegram that I could have written and have said it to friends and visitors to this site who throw up their hands with impatience and frustration, angrily demanding to know why “nothing’s being done while our country swirls down the tubes!”

To them (and you if you’re among them) THIS is exactly what you need to understand:

Here’s a gentle reminder that we all want to see justice for the election that was stolen in November. 

We all want those who coordinated it held accountable and given jail time. 

We all want every dirt ball in Epstein’s little black book to be put away. 

We all want the crooked politicians in jail. 

We all want the media exposed to the general public for their coordinated smear campaign of the People’s President and their coordinated efforts over the election infection.”

But the difference is that some of us have been chewing on the “why” it hasn’t happened yet for four years and came to understand that this is so much more than seeing bad people put behind bars. 

The literal fate of our republic is at stake. 

Every single step must be carefully executed. 

Before Trump left office, he cleaned house and appointed the right people to the right positions so that when [they] are brought to justice, [they] will actually be convicted for their crimes. 

And as for the election theft—is there a higher crime in our nation than treason? 

The trap was baited, they had no other option but to take it—we call that, Trump’s Gambit. 

And now we wait and watch and pray as the curtain lifts and we see the truths we’ve known for four years be exposed to the public eye via the Durham investigation and whatever proceeds from the forensic audits. 

“The wheels of justice turn slow but when they turn they are powerful. 

10x speed now underway.”

Hold the line frens. 

I’ve never been more certain it will be worth it. 🇺🇸


This from Joe Lange:

Are you not seeing Americans rising up every day? Standing up against tyranny? How about the millions of people around the world?

Who’s waiting?

Are you not paying attention?

Are you giving the people taking back their school boards, forcing election audits and voter ID, refusing mandates, any credit?

Come on, open your eyes.

We are finally taking back our power. People are protesting in blue states now.

Biden and other leftist leaders can’t go anywhere publicly without being yelled at and harassed.

Your doom and gloom is your own perspective because that’s what you choose to see.

God is moving in amazing ways right now exposing the hidden enemy to the masses and you can’t see it.

I just don’t even understand that perspective.


Happy Birthday Q! 🇺🇸

I imagine this meme was pretty accurate to how Trump was feeling when the first post went live (and every single one thereafter).  — Nurse Deplorable



We are beyond the point of proofs. 

For three years we watched as Trump and his team answered direct requests for proofs from anons in speeches and tweets. 

We saw 0 second deltas between Trump tweets and drops, a nearly impossible thing to do—just ask Delta Dan. 

And as the icing on [their] panicked cake, Trump and his team shared various anon memes and videos to their twitter feeds and retweeted us dozens of times. 

We are beyond needing to explain that we were not lied to simply because there seems to be nothing going on except for the demise of our nation and liberties. 

But in case you’d like some more recent examples—this is perhaps the biggest one yet. 

Anons have known that James Baker was singing like a bird for years and just two days ago that news from Durham’s investigation was made public. 

The public disclosure phase has begun.