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Tracy Beanz of UnCoverDC just posted:

“At this point I’m not sure if this is a rumor or what, but it was sent to me by someone I trust. Take it for what it’s worth. 

FYSA: If anybody is in Northern VA this weekend, just got this message. 

We received credible intel that we are authorized to distribute in regards to a potential ISIS attack by an activated cell on October 28th in Northern Virginia this weekend.  The attack is slated to happen within the next 72 hours and is an extremely likely event.  2 ISIS operatives will be going to a shopping mall/center in the Alexandria or Woodbridge area. I wanted to ensure that we disseminated this information to you all and please feel free to pass it to as many contacts as you can. Knowledge is power and being aware in these types of situations is paramount for lessening risk.  This information has been validated by our local police department and has come from the Pentagon Police/FBI.”

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We have a credible ISIS threat to the nation’s capitol on a holiday weekend and leftist operatives are launching false flag neo-Nazi operations

Per WH official: “They haven’t even bothered B too much with this, K has been getting all the ISIS briefs much to the displeasure of Ron she’s a big girl now.”


Military intel reveals ISIS attacks possible in local malls etc in Virginia ahead of the McAuliffe v Younkin Gubernatorial race. ISIS members were tracked coming into our country into Dulles Airport with the illegal swarm from Afghanistan. This is breaking news from Jack posobiec on War Room Pandemic — Bannon opened this morning’s show with this breaking news.

Alexandria, Woodbridge, any of the shopping malls in that area

One of the members of the operation has rolled on his buddies, and federal law enforcement do have names of some associated with these cells, but don’t know exactly where they are. But it is expected them to attack in Northern Virginia and DC area.

More as we learn details.

Check Human Events Daily throughout the day and weekend.

From Posobiec’s TELEGRAM Channel:

BREAKING: White House and several other DC-area federal facilities to increase security measures due to ‘credible’ ISIS-related threat this weekend

Some USSS agents are concerned DC-area ISIS threat may be related to a report of 3 Afghan refugees who forced their way off a bus earlier this month

BREAKING: Two US officials tell @HumanEvents that the ISIS threat alert in Northern VA / DC region is related to Afghan refugees

If you are in Northern Virginia this weekend do not go to any shopping malls / centers. An ISIS cell has been activated. Avoid soft targets until this thing has been wrapped up. This is not a drill.

IC member tells @HumanEvents that at least some members of the ISIS cell in Northern Virginia had been locked up in Bagram but were let out by the Taliban and made their way onto planes at the Kabul Airport

I don’t know who needs to hear this but @BobSpindell was right about Wisconsin

He was right about everything.