…are talking about a couple of interviews with a chap named Roy Davies. I admit their conversations lead me to be intrigued enough to listen in and see what all the hubbub is about.

Take it for what it’s worth — FREE.

We are reminded that no one knows the date or time that events will unfold as Q’s crumbs foretell. So… take a listen and see if this guy Davies has a magic eight ball.

Oh, before I go, here’s what Telegram posters are saying about it:

Some of us are here to drop crumbs, just crumbs…

Ok folks, it’s crumb drop time.

Sometimes you come across something you dont just want to share, it’s more like you NEED to share because its so interesting, inspiring, thoughtful, profound AND relevant.

Now for the show:

Some time ago I came across a guy by the name of Roy Davies on one of Mr Truthbomb’s incredible videos a while back. Roy is an Irish gentleman, a TruthTeller and highly intelligent. He is the one who discovered a hidden timeline in the Q drops surrounding a four year Delta between October 28th and November 5th. Yes, this timeline is rapidly approaching…🙏🙏🙏 

“We caught them all, let’s see what happens…”

– PDJT 45

I just came across a couple of UK based interviews Roy recently did with a woman named Lou Collins in the past couple of weeks. There is some incredibly insightful things in these interviews as Roy astutely connects certain Q drops and timelines with world events and all the players…many of the events are happening right now as we speak.

I’m not going to give too much away here, but Roy figured one of the first major events to happen will involve a certain individual from Saudi Arabia and President TRUMP. Yes, there is and will be an Alliance with TRUMP and a Saudi individual. 

Roy also discovered what he calls “signatures” on certain Q Drops. Words and phrases like “Godfather III”, “Alice and Wonderland” and “Bloody Wonderland.” Ok here’s another hint…Hillary Clinton is a big part of “Alice” and “Bloody”…think “The Children” and “Adrenochrome”. Yes folks, it’s coming…

You will also here him touch on the current landscape of world economics, the global banking system and highly corrupt Chinese global real estate companies as they come crashing down unable to pay what they owe…

Folks, this guy Roy Davies is the real deal. He’s not Ward or Parkes who both can speak for 2 hours and give you NOTHING of substance. There are jokers and there are players. Roy is a player. Humble, highly intelligent, down to earth and perceptive as hell.

Please give these two interviews a listen at your leisure. So much in here to latch onto. The audio is a little low and you’ll have to work with his accent, but you’ll be on the edge of your seat…


It’s a pleasure to be with you as always…

Roy Davies – Game On

Roy Davies – Future Proves Past 


I don’t know if Saab is talking. It’s possible but I think we are at war and our military and DOJ(the real DOJ) have mapped out a lot of these people and are sparing no expense and using every available technology to hunt these people down.

What’s interesting to me is it seems like a green light has been given and there’s nowhere for them to hide. We will pressure any country and follow the money because we’ve exposed their hidden laundering avenues.

I believe these Swiss banks protected them before because the Rothschilds enrich themselves off all this stuff but suddenly that’s changed.

I don’t think it’s a coincidence Trump went to Davos and I think was the first president to do so in 18 years.

I haven’t dug enough but I would be willing to bet our own Federal Reserve protected some of these laundering schemes too. That changed when Trump folded the Fed into the Treasury and we discovered their slush fund full of trillions of dollars. The Exchange Stabilization Fund.

Just my thoughts