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Another Swamp Monster Caged

Are Trump Admin’s Top Priorities Being Accomplished by Biden’s?

In late October of 2016, at a rally in Colorado, Trump stated, “When we win on November 8th, we are going to Washington, D.C., and we are going to DRAIN THE SWAMP.”

Draining a swamp requires removing barriers, installing pumps, and diverting inbound flows. By doing these things you expose the creatures, the filth, and the nastiness to sunlight so that it can all dry out and die.

The D.C. Swamp is one of many international Swamps, all connected, all corrupted by illegal flows of money, drugs, minerals, contracts, weapons, influence, etc. This past weekend, one of the major figures of that International Swamp was extradited from Cabo Verde to the United States to stand trial on charges levied against him by the Trump Administration’s DOJ.

This creature is Alex Saab. He is a Columbia-born “businessman” who has run many corrupt operations, and after first establishing connections with Hugo Chavez’s regime, he has managed to become more than an ally to Venezuela’s President. He has become one of Nicolas Maduro’s inside men—his financial fixer, his liaison to Iran. Moreover, he has become a key figure in the international swamp that runs from South America to the United States to the Middle East. His name appears in the Panama Papers and in the FinCEN Files, and he has strong ties to Hezbollah. When it comes to corruption, “Saab is and has been in a league of his own…”(1). 

This guy is a real Swamp Creature, and he swims in many swamps.

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Another Swamp Creature Caged