“My original plan for Devolution – Part 13 was an article to serve as a continuation of Devolution – Part 12. I am still working on piecing together the aspects of that article but I felt it was necessary to put that work on hold and put forth this article instead. 

This article will outline one of Trump’s key executive orders that I truly believe spells out that we are no doubt in the middle of some sort of Continuity of Government plan that I believe to be a plan of devolution. I briefly touched on this executive order in Devolution – Part 3, but it deserves its own article and detailed breakdown. 

I’ve said many times throughout my series that we need to start thinking bigger. I always thought I was thinking bigger but researching for this article led me to the realization I was wrong. I’ve spent a majority of my series focused on the Department of Defense and the military, and they still are very important to what is unfolding, but devolution is much bigger than just the DoD and the military. Just how much bigger? 

Let’s find out.”

— Patel Patriot