Whether you agree with this persons assessment — or not — I’ve always suspected that Mike is playing a critical role in this “movie.” A role he’s been scripted to play out on the national stage, all part of the plot to Take Back America and make it great.

Is he a team player? As time goes on, I think so more and more. Read this piece and get back to me on what YOU think Pence is about.

I’ve always believed Pence is kind of Trump’s silent weapon.  He’s the quiet, cool-headed, loyal, understated one that slips by through the cracks of people’s heads.  I can kind of relate, because I’m a quiet one too- heee😉   But if you understand Pence’s importance in Trump’s adm and Devolution plan,  you will get Devolution immediately.  Because people are so biased about him, bootlicking every gossip, lies, and disinformation (many put out by the white hates on purpose imo)  – they just won’t get it.  Too bad.  That’s why I’ve delved deeply into Pence – and got my answers confirming he’s a true patriot, and a lover of Christ. 

PP (Patel Patriot) alluded tonight on David Nino’s interview that Pence might be one of the advisors to the military in Devolution plan.  I agree…because he worked closely with Chris Miller…he headed Covid task force + Operation Warp Speed, that used military assets.. he supervised the NG security at Biden’s inaug… his last speech as VP was at Camp Pendleton Navy(?) and 10th mtn division. As VP, he visited pretty much every military base, he made speeches on every Memorial Day & Veterans Day, etc…he was head of the Space Council, closely linked to Space Force (listen to his speech at launch of Space Force).. he’s visited the border, Afghan, Iraq, LE agencies, NASA, etc…his father, son, son-in-law are military officers, his uncle and grandfather were all in LE., and it goes on.   Listen to his commencement speeches at military schools…his heart, mind and soul has always been with the military and LE.  He has ALWAYS HIGHLY commended military and LE everywhere.  He’s military and LE through and through.  It’s undeniable.  

He was THE perfect pick to be Trump’s VP – the Ying and Yang – the Batman and Robin duo -Christian brothers & warriors in the Lord (constant prayer companions, imo) –  that could only be designed by God.  

That’s why I think his being a traitor and such is a deliberate cover for his crucial role in Devolution plan. No one is noticing him – most have written him off as number one MAGA enemy, traitor, judas, blah, blah.  He did work closely, alongside with Chris Miller.  Where is Chris Miller?  I think he’s still working with Pence.  Something Pence said recently on Fox- he said the Biden’s adm has to be stopped…and it must be stopped NOW!!  To me..that’s a direct order!! Things are about to come to a head bang really fast.  Buckle up, and be prepared!

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