Has the T man ever referred to PEADS after Brandon took office? Any compelling mention of Devolution from him?

Definitely not. Trump can not mention any part of the plan directly. He has given subtle hints that anons have picked up but nothing direct. The most direct would be when a few times anons have challenged Q to have Trump include certain words in his next tweet or speech or to honk as the motorcade drives by a certain sign.

Just want to say something…the ENTIRE House of Representatives (all 435)will be up for re-election in 1 year ….

Let’s think about the true meaning of cleaning house…

Very intriguing theory. Reading the Devolution articles confirmed so much for me. I believe that this process has been in motion for some time. Devolution is the only thing that fits perfectly into every move that Trump made during his presidency. Even days prior to leaving office, he was putting the Devolution plan into action (staff appointments like Christopher Miller). I will need to research the similarities between Grant & Trump. Keep believing!!

Devolution 13 and St. Richie’s 57!

You’ve got to read both!