Such a spider web of intrigue and murder. Oh my!

Tom Vitale, 44, who first started working with Bourdain when he was 26, has written a book about his time with the complicated former chef called “In The Weeds” (kitchen slang for being backed up during a rush).

Bourdain, beloved for his globetrotting culinary television series, hanged himself at 61 on June 8, 2018, while filming “Parts Unknown” in France. He reportedly did not leave a note.

Vitale described Bourdain’s employee relations as “cutthroat affection” that could veer from him campaigning for Vitale to get an Emmy nomination year after year to threatening to attach jumper cables and a car battery to his producer’s testicles.

Nevertheless, they hopscotched around the world together on more than seventy trips to places like Iran, Brazil, Bali, and Libya.

Vitale also spoke to Bourdain’s last girlfriend — Italian actress Asia Argento — for the book. Days before his death, photos were published of Argento kissing and hugging a man, and some leapt to the conclusion that this led to Bourdain’s suicide. She vehemently denied the accusation in an interview, explaining that both she and Bourdain saw others outside of their relationship.

“In the media, she has been raked over the coals for that,” Vitale said before adding, “I don’t think anyone can really pull the trigger. I mean, she didn’t pull the trigger.

“A lot of the writing the book was looking for answers for me, answers to all these questions. And you spend enough time thinking about things, you sort of realize that the answers don’t bring as much comfort as maybe you hoped they would’ve,” he conceded.

Vitale revealed that he’s still not over his former boss’s death, although he’s doing better than he was three years ago.

“I’m not sure that’s the sort of thing that you ever really get over,” he admitted.


Celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain helped get Ronan Farrow‘s Harvey Weinstein expose out for public consumption, a new book claims.

Farrow was initially reporting the story for NBC, but the network derailed its publication — so Bourdain urged The New Yorker to run the story, Farrow writes in his new tome “Catch and Kill.”

The late chef had been dating actress Asia Argento, who told Farrow that Weinstein sexually assaulted her.

Bourdain — who had been “supportive of Argento speaking” — dropped a line to magazine editor David Remnick, telling him that Weinstein’s behavior was sickening and that “everyone” had known about the allegations for too long.

“I am not a religious man,” Bourdain wrote. “But I pray you have the strength to run this story.”

NBC has denied the journalist’s characterization of the events, claiming that his reporting didn’t meet its broadcast standards standards.

The story ultimately helped bring down Weinstein and won a Pulitzer Prize for service journalism.

Anthony Bourdain Takes Hillary Clinton To The Woodshed For Her ‘Shameful’ Response To The Harvey Weinstein Scandal

OCTOBER 12, 2017

Immediately following reports of Harvey Weinstein’s alleged decades of sexual harassment and sexual assault, Anthony Bourdain rallied for people to support Weinstein’s accusers. That very large group includes Bourdain’s girlfriend, Asia Argento, and Bourdain hopes that people won’t remain silent on the issue. And since Weinstein has donated to many Democrat candidates (including Hillary Clinton) over the years, the former Democratic nominee’s slow response drew a lot of criticism both for its tardiness and brevity.

On Tuesday, Clinton told CNN’s Fareed Zakaria that she was “just sick. I was shocked. I was appalled.” Clinton also said that she “certainly” wasn’t aware of the sexual harassment and only “knew him primarily through politics.” 

This response was not adequate enough for Bourdain, who expressed his disappointment in a series of tweets. He called her response “shameful in its deflection and its disingenuousness” and said that he hoped for more from her, given that he believes her to be “one of the most intelligent, well prepared, well briefed politicians ever.”

Following Bourdain’s rant, former Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon tweeted that Bourdain should “go eat a scorpion or something.” 
Clinton has committed to donating her contributions from Weinstein to women’s organizations, although her delayed response drew more attention than the actions that followed.
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Here is Zamir Gotta with Charles Dolan 5 years ago. Is Zamir  “Organizer 1 in the Danshanko indictment.   Zamir was Tony Bourdains friend and handler before Tony died by supposed suicide. Tonys wife to this day says Tony would not have killed himself. 

I did like Tony, but he really went to far left. Obama even went on his show in Vietnam.   This is May 2016

Chuck Ross:

Dolan knew as of April 2016 that Chris Steele had a connection to Danchenko. Once Steele’s name came out as the author of the dossier, it would have been simple for Dolan to put together what happened. But he stayed silent.

They show Dolan helped Gubarev push back on the dossier after it was published. But Dolan did not come forward publicly with what he knew about Igor Danchenko and the dossier.