Schiff claims he didn’t know the sources behind the Steele dossier were liars.

We know Schiff is lying. 

He received the same briefing as Devin Nunes on the veracity of the Steele dossier. The Intelligence Community knew from the start it was a steaming pile of BS and conveyed that to the Intel committee that Schiff chaired.

He lied because he never thought the documents would be declassified.

Biden WH National Security Advisor, Jake Sullivan, is “foreign policy advisor”referred to in the indictment of former Hillary Clinton Campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, per well-placed sources.

In answer to Q’s question… Mueller’s goons threatened to indict Trump’s children.

Praying Medic:

“It’s not exactly news that Biden National Security advisor Jake Sullivan is the foreign policy adviser to Clinton named in Sussman’s indictment. What is new is that Fox is suddenly interested in reporting on Spygate again.

Put John Podesta in the batter’s box. As Clinton’s 2016 campaign manager, he was knee deep in the hoopla.”