They are hiding him to hide what the vaccine did to him. 👇

From The Library on Telegram:

For the record, I’m certain that Gavin Newsome is suffering from a severe vaccine injury. I’m also going to say up front I’ve heard at least 3 competing theories on what that injury is. 

So far, his minders are doing a great job hiding him & we don’t know FOR SURE what that injury is. I have my suspicions like everyone else, but I’m not going to voice them until i have hard information. 

His cancelled appearance at the climate summit w/all the other leftwing extremists & globalists is an enormous tell. So is the weak nonsensical reason his spokeswoman gave for not being there. His absence since getting the COVID vaccine shot is another tell. 

They are hiding him: because when word gets out about what happened to him it will be damning for these illegal, unconstitutional mandates.

Let’s see what comes out. Evil, unwise men seek to bury the Truth. But the Truth always works it’s way to the surface, so it can be known.

Newsom News. Oh boy..