Praying Medic on Telegram:

When was the last time you saw Biden in public where a crowd could speak their mind to him without being controlled?

What do you think a crowd’s response would be to Gavin Newsom if he made a public appearance?

De Blasio?


What happened when Trudeau last appeared in public?

What if they know it isn’t safe for them to make public appearances?


What evidence is there that Q is a trustworthy source of information?

From the 8Kun board (haven’t been there in ages, not since Q stopped posting drops there!). Here’s what I found this evening:

As Gov. Gavin Newsom’s unusual 13-day absence from the public eye sparked a flurry of online speculation, San Francisco’s “high society” knew where he was on Saturday.

The usually highly visible Newsom makes his first public appearance since Oct. 27 when he was last seen taking the Covid-19 booster shoot. The governor was one of the VIP guests at the lavish San Francisco City Hall wedding of Ivy Love Getty, the great-granddaughter of J. Paul Getty and one of the heiresses to the Getty family fortune, according to a detailed report of the wedding festivities by Vogue.

Getty, a 26-year-old actress, and model, married photographer Tobias Alexander Engel in a ceremony officiated by Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

However, the only photos from him remain a mystery as Newsom’s pictures are from far and not clear.

A photo from the event appears to show the masked governor watching Gordon Getty kiss his veiled granddaughter.

By late afternoon Sen. Pres Toni Atkins (who would have chaired any committee looking into Newsom’s fitness) had been pressed for a statement from a San Diego/Sacramento political reporter:

The whole MIA situation raised a lot of speculation online and one of them is the fact that a PHOTO casting call has gone out for actors who look like Gavin Newsom back in March and it’s now closed!

The casting call was placed on the site Pic 2

Now it says that the casting is closed and the listing has expired, so they aren’t not accepting new submissions.

The company that had the casting is Corina Marie Photography with Corina Marie Howell listed as the owner.

The production description says they are casting someone who looks similar to Gavin Newsom (tall, slender build, salt and pepper hair).

From BackStage: Pic 3

That’s every information available for this casting.

This morning Newsom’s wife Caroline defended his absence in a since-deleted tweet.

The governor’s office told SFGATE on Monday that the governor worked out of the Capitol all of last week, and plans to resume normal public appearances this week. He is scheduled to appear at an economic summit in Monterey on Tuesday around noon.

The event, which will be live-streamed, was advertised as a “fireside chat.” It is unclear if Newsom will take questions from members of the media.

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