Good morning, kids. Wednesday and as everything the Klain/Kalorama Klown Kabal have inflicted on us collapses into a cesspool of liquified feces and a cloud of sulfurous methane soiling both the carpeting in the Vatican and Camilla Parker Bowles’ delicate nostrils, the blame rests all in one place. YOU. 

The shortages are feeding worries around kitchen tables across the country. But according to the Biden [junta] and its apologists, the real villains aren’t the people who are supposed to ensure things like this don’t happen in the world’s richest and freest nation; it’s your fault for wanting to give gifts or buy new things. . . 

. . . This is the sort of problem we expect leaders to treat with seriousness and urgency that show they’re trying to solve it. But when asked about it last month, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki mocked consumers, calling the crisis “the tragedy of the treadmill delayed.” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg simply shrugged his shoulders and said the problem will continue well into 2022.

Biden himself is complacent, saying just this past weekend that voters aren’t smart enough to understand it.

Meanwhile, rather than sounding the alarms about Team Biden failures to head off a looming economic nightmare (and doom Democrats in 2022), the liberal media is joining in the drive to convince us that the fault lies with the American consumer.

What’s our problem? We’re spoiled and materialistic — because we expect stores to have things we want. The solution? Americans must downsize and buy less.

Yes, how dare YOU want to live a luxurious lifestyle while highway overpasses enable white supremacy or even dare to indulge yourself by staying warm? 

The beatings will continue until morale improves!

Saule Omarova, who received the Lenin Personal Academic Scholarship at Moscow State University, has proposed establishing a National Investment Authority to divert investments away from the oil and gas industry and into “clean and green” infrastructure projects. Speaking at a virtual forum in May, Omarova said “the way we basically get rid of those carbon financiers is we starve them of their sources of capital.”

Omarova, the nominee to lead the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, faces stiff opposition from Senate Republicans over the National Investment Authority proposal, as well as her calls to “end banking as we know it.” Omarova has proposed allowing the Federal Reserve to handle consumer bank deposits, replacing private banks.

Left-wing environmentalist groups have praised Omarova’s nomination, saying she will help defund investments in oil and gas projects. The Sierra Club said Omarova would fight “climate chaos” and set up “guardrails against Wall Street’s risky fossil fuel investments.” Biden has faced criticism amid rising gas prices for shutting down oil and gas pipelines in the United States. The [junta] killed the Keystone XL pipeline, which would have transported oil from Canada. At the same time, Biden relaxed sanctions against a Russian pipeline that observers fear will be used to advance Russian president Vladimir Putin’s influence over Europe.

So far, we have an actual terrorist of the eco- variety, complicit in maiming people with booby-trapped trees running the Bureau of Land Management, which means forest fires enveloping whole states can be expected for the next few years. And now, a Belok-looking tronya-drinkingcard-carrying Commie is a red-nether-hair’s breadth away from destroying both private banking and the fossil fuel industry. The only person I see laughing is Jennifer Granholm, the crooked slag who supposedly is the Energy Secretary, when asked what this junta will do to lower fuel prices.

Once again, the age-old question crops up: is this incompetence or is this intentional? Does the ideology drive the destruction or do they truly believe that what is prima-facie destruction to normal people they think will succeed as never before. And right there we strike gold with the words “as never before.” 

Remember that the man whose sophisticated palate savored beagle-on-a-bagel washed down with a sip of fine penis once declared “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.” Yes, after 200 million lives – and still counting – having been ground into the frozen tundra of Irkutsk, burned and scattered into the Birkenau lake of ashes, or whose skulls are stacked like cordwood in the Kampuchean killing fields, Communism will finally finally succeed because . . . what he said.

Funny how atheists always mock believers for their blind faith in the “sky g-d” that cannot be seen, yet despite an ocean of blood and tears chasing after the illusion of Communist paradise on earth, tried time and time again and ending in catastrophe, these lost souls still believe with perfect faith that success is just over the horizon. If only they had good leaders or if only the masses didn’t sabotage them. If only, if only. And if anyone should be mocked for blind faith in an illusion . . . But I digress.

Problem is the pesky American society where even the poor have televisions, cell phones, clothes, food and housing that the poor in the places the American Left want to turn us into consider paradise by comparison, is antithetical to real paradise on earth. One that, naturally, only an enlightened Ivy League educated elite have the knowledge, wisdom and sophistication to run. In the words of John Lennon, “imagine.”

In my own words, “GO TO HELL.”

And I would particularly like to direct that sentiment to the GOP, who year after year have aided and abetted this insanity because like the good little remora they are got to “wet their beak” so to speak. Case in point is the lying filthy shit-whore fraud, with the name that sounds like a venereal disease Nicole Maliotakis, who along with 12 other lying, filthy shit-whore fraud RINOs in the House as well as the Senate allowed that insane “infrastructure” bill to move forward, and lay the groundwork for the Bilk Bolshevism Bigger disaster to finally put the nail in our coffin. 

Speaking of which, this right here is just the bitter end. Get this:

[So-called quote-unquote “president”] Joe Biden complained Tuesday that House Republicans were considering stripping committee chairmanships from Republicans who voted for his infrastructure bill on Friday.

“I’ve never seen it like this before,” Biden said. “It’s got to stop for the sake of America”. . . 

. . . Biden called for “more civility in politics” as a solution. “I really mean it. And I’ve never seen it this way,” he said.

If you can’t see my apoplexy on your screen then you’re blind. But why am I venting at this decomposing braindead zombie? He has the mental capacity of a rotten piece of celeriac. That said, he may have dementia but when it comes to vindictiveness, cruelty and just in your face chutzpocrisy, he’s as sharp as a Cray supercomputer. 

“More civility in politics.” Meaning, go along with what the K/K.K.K. demands and we’ll be civil. 

I prefer civil war, frankly. Biden can go piss up a rope, except all he can do is piss on the carpet.

* * * * *

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