Rittenhouse Trial Returns


Screenshot (777).png

Dramatis personae:

Binger = Littlefinger = Thin Smug Leftist C*** with Pedophile Mustache

Kraus = Fatlock = Fat one (aka “Bob Bloblaw,” according to garrett)

The Rekieta crew just dubbed Binger “Backdoor Binger” for his sleazy way of attempting to get inadmissible evidence into the court through the back door. And not for his repulsive sexual proclivities.

Rekieta Law feed with commentary and laughter.

FoxNews stream.

Drew Hernandez is coming off too biased in favor of Rittenhouse and therefore not credible. It was fun watching him beat up on Binger, but he’s so hostile towards him it’s undermining his testimony.

Littlefinger argues Hernandez is not a real journalist because real journalists to not make snap judgments and introduce their opinions into reportage.


I watched this conversation for about a half hour before I had to leave to tend to other things. But it was pretty interesting stuff.