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Dramatis personae:

Binger = Littlefinger = Thin Smug Leftist C*** with Pedophile Mustache

Kraus = Fatlock = Fat one (aka “Bob Bloblaw,” according to garrett)

The defense expert, a military and police veteran with experience in analyzing video for intelligence purposes, might testify that the prosecution’s proffer of “enhanced” video imagery should not be admissible as it uses artificial intelligence guesswork to interpolate new pixels into a picture where it guesses they should be. That means that such an “enhanced” photo is not a true and accurate representation of the scene depicted, and that means that it would not be admissible in court.

I was hoping they’d call an expert to rebut the prosecution’s insane implication that a carrying sling is some kind of impregnable defense against having your gun pulled away from you. I don’t understand why they don’t have a guy talking about the strength of the clip or how much give is in the strap. Or about the possibility of simply turning the gun, while still on the strap, 180 degrees around to shoot the man who was formerly controlling it.

But I don’t think he’s going to be testifying about that. Apparently they agreed to a very limited scope of his testimony (see below for the argument about that).

His main testimony is about the exact timing of the all the events. This is to show that all of these shootings happened within minutes, without much time for Rittenhouse to take considered action.

Littlefinger showed these events in frame-by-frame slowdowns, and separated each event, suggesting that these events took a long time to unfold, with lots of time in between for considered action.

The expert will put lie to that.

Littlefinger is, of course, objecting. Despite his efforts yesterday to falsely suggest that these events took place over a long time giving Rittenhouse a lot of time to render aid, call the police, etc., in fact all these events took place within a few minutes, and now Littlefinger demands that the expert not be permitted to disprove his lies.

The judge is ambling towards denying Littlefinger’s objection, and asks, “Is there a reason I’m driving that expression on your face?” Because Littlefinger is doing his Upset and Offended Littlefinger Face.

I hate this fucking guy down to his coward’s marrow. I hate him into his pedophile’s eyes.

Rekieta: “Your honor, I carefully tried to manipulate the jury!”

Legal Bytes: “He has Resting Binger Face.”

Littlefinger is literally now whining that the judge was mean to him yesterday and so he should be nice to him today. He keeps whining over and over that the judge reprimanded him yesterday, and wants the judge to reprimand the defense.

The judge overrules his objection. 

He makes one concession to the eternally whiny Littlenfinger: He says that some of the bullet-points in the expert’s submitted report are conclusory, meaning he is making factual conclusions that should be left to the jury to decide. The judge says the expert should express those in a non-conclusory fashion.

This is a minor concession, and it’s possible the judge only conceded this to give Widdle Baby Binger His Ba-Ba just to stop him from crying.

If you go back (about 30-40 minutes) to watch this embarrassing spectacle — which I recommend, if you enjoy seeing a “man” debase and humiliate himself like he’s David French on Game Night — watch the Rekieta stream for the reaction. It’s a Cringe Palace.

The defense expert is now going through the video, establishing exact times. It’s pretty dry. He’s just explaining how he calculates the times between this incident and that one. While the conclusion will ultimately be important, the road getting there is pretty boring and I think the jury may be drifting.

It doesn’t help that he’s taking forever to find his place in the video.

The Rekieta crew just made the same observation as the expert again loses his place and spends several minutes attempting to get the video working again.

This is now going bad. Just losing the jury. Not going anywhere.

One of Rekieta’s panelists: “They’re trying to show how fast this is happening, and they’re making it take an hour.”

“This is a war of attrition between terrible attorneys.”

“Detective OnlyFans” takes the stand.

I believe she’ll be testifying that no unfired round was collected from the street, thus disproving Grosskreutz Sudden Recovered Memory Lie that Rittenhouse re-racked his gun before firing. I think Grosskreutz claimed Rittenhouse’s first shot misfired and he ejected it to load another.

Yes, that’s what she’s testifying to.

Oh, I thought she would also testify that Grosskreutz’s gun had fired a bullet. She didn’t. Darn.

On cross, Littlefinger gets a lay witness to provide expert testimony that this doesn’t mean that Kyle didn’t re-rack — he claims that maybe the first bullet did fire, and he re-racked, and that a fired bullet was then found on the ground. 

On re-direct, Richards gets her to say that to re-rack, you’d have to pull back the charger a full four inches, and that this would be obvious and seen on video. (Which it wasn’t.)

UH-OH, new video…?

Testimony: Antifa started conflict with men with AR-15 on roof of building.

Then he saw Kyle Rittenhouse attempt to de-escalate this situation.

Testifying that Rosenbaum got angry that Rittenhouse put out his fire, turned his attention to Rittenhouse and the gas station defenders, shouting “Shoot me, N-word! Shoot me!,” attempting to start a fight with them.

THIS IS DEVASTATING. WE SEE ROSENBAUM AS THE CRAZED VIOLENT THREATENING MENTAL PATIENT THUG HE IS. Not just witness descriptions, we see him getting into people’s faces and screaming, advancing on them threateningly.

Littlefinger says that his videos are “slanted” against antifa and BLM calling them “rioters.” Drew Hernandez (the witness) says that’s because they are seen rioting in the videos.

Littlefinger attempted to get him to say he was conservative but the judge shut that down, saying “this is not a political trial.”

Littlefinger is asking why Hernandez retained an attorney for this. The judge explodes again: “WHAT IS THE RELEVANCE OF THIS?”

Below, the previous “reporting” from the lying propaganda media which is attempting to stoke a race-based, antifa-led violent war by gaslighting both the left and the right:

As Robert Barnes says: “Many people” will be facing big defamation lawsuits after the trial.