Good morning, fellow patriots!

Code Monkey Z (Ron Watkins) has posted the following on his Telegram page:

“This letter posted on Wendy Roger’s website (author unknown) is a very powerful summary of exactly how the Maricopa County election was stolen.


“We lost in appeals. The court ruled that Cyber Ninjas is subject to public records requests. As a result we’ve received a number of additional requests today. 

This should theoretically mean that any government contractor in AZ could potentially also be subject to public records. Now’s the time to send out your requests 😉.

Now that the AZ courts have set the precedent to compel private companies to respond to FOIA requests for their emails if they have government contacts, we all need to send FOIA requests for DOMINION and ES&S emails.

Do you have a private company with government contracts in Arizona?

Your work emails can now be compelled by FOIA requests.

Lets start filing requests for Dominion’s emails.


Do the vaccine manufacturers have government contracts?

If so, Arizonans can FOIA their internal emails now.

Do big tech companies have government contracts?

Time for Arizonans to FOIA their internal communications.


Now that the courts have set precedent by deciding that private companies can be FOIAd for government contracting work, we need to start filing FOIA requests to get answers. 

Here is a short list of FOIA ideas:

– Runbeck

– Fann Contracting 

– AZ Highway Specialists

– Clearballot

– Hickmann Farms with the Arizona Department of corrections

If a FOIA request that you file returns some answers, reach out to me and Ill help you get eyes on the information.

Put more FOIA ideas in the comments.