By Michael Yon@MichaelYon 

While Rome Burns — economy collapsing, famines taking wing…

The ‘progressives’ and other robots march to their own doom, and that of many others. They fear Steve Bannon because Steve Bannon is unafraid of them.


To paraphrase a comment that I saw on another article on Bannon re the 101 Airborne at Bastogne during the Battle of the Bulge, that sums up how I feel. “We’re surrounded.  We have them right where we want them.  I pity the fools!” Michael Yon@MichaelYon 1 hour ago  

@p2eIH2WXA4 Gonna be a big fight — Steve Bannon is not one for surrender, and there are millions who support Steve Bannon. Time for Patriots to Stand for and with Patriots.@MichaelYon@p2eIH2WXA4

Bannon is as perceptive, cunning, and ruthless as they come. I’m sure he saw something like this coming months if not years ago and has planned for it in detail. The House doesn’t realize it yet, but they are about to be the ones put on trial, and Bannon will give them no quarter!@MichaelYon

Steve Bannon is a FIGHTER’S FIGHTER. He’s not going to back down one iota to the Traitorous Serial Sociopathic Lying Biden Regime Commie Rot. Of that, be assured!

His show tonight completely ignored that garbage because it doesn’t deserve the time of day! It was business as usual for Mr. Bannon who’s fighting the good fight for God, Family and Country, God bless him, and the multimillions who follow him worldwide who are not about to allow the political dregs of society destroy anything and everything American to especially include our Country’s founding UNDER God.

Got that, Garland! You and the pathetic losers you represent are staring at your own doom! Much thanks for hammering more nails in your Political Coffins! We couldn’t do it any better!@MichaelYon 

If things really go south Steve temporarily may go to Brazil under protection of prez Bolsonaro to 1) continue War Room from there 2) help our great ally in his fight. After mid-terms this farcical commission will be no more. @MichaelYon

They are about to encounter the biggest fight they’ve ever seen! Steve Bannon has the receipts and is NOT backing down one iota. He will put them in their place and not even break a sweat doing it and the MAGA posse has his back all the way! Suck on that Garland!

I’ve been watching the Warroom since its start two years ago! I’ve learned more from that show than any other media combined!