As the economy implodes, the [CB]/[DS] are spinning the story trying to control the narrative that this is the new normal, this is the same tactic Obama used. People see the inflation, they are not fooled. [JB] nominee Saule said the quiet part out loud, there will be no banks, the [CB] will have full control.

The [DS] are panicking and they are now jumping ship, they know the next moves on the chess board are going to be a disaster for them. Trump and the patriots are now moving forward to remove the bull horn from the fake news. The people must be made aware, operations are underway to remove the guards of information. The people are awake and the flood of truth is about to be released.

Maxine Waters: Trump ‘Is the Worst Threat to Our Democracy’ that Anyone Has Ever Known 

  • Representative Maxine Waters (D-CA) said on this week’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “The Sunday Show” that former President Donald Trump was “the worst threat to our democracy” in history.


Retirement talk growing around Rep. Jerry Nadler

  • Rep. Jerry Nadler, a liberal warhorse who has represented Manhattan’s West Side in Congress since 1992, may pack it in at the end of his current term, insiders tell The Post.


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Shall We Play a Game?
Where are they now?
[Ref: public optics: ‘retired’’left’ refers to ‘fired/forced’]
James Comey, Director – FIRED
Andrew McCabe, Deputy Director – FIRED
Jim Rybicki, Chief of Staff and Senior Counselor – FIRED
James Baker, General Counsel – FIRED
Bill Priestap, Director of Counterintelligence (Strzok’s boss) – FIRED
Peter Strzok, Deputy Assistant Director of Counterintelligence – FIRED
Lisa Page, Office of General Counsel – FIRED
Mike Kortan, Assistant Director for Public Affairs – FIRED
Josh Campbell, Special Assistant to Comey – FIRED
Michael Steinbach – Head of NAT SEC Div – FIRED
John Glacalone – (Predecessor to Steinbach) – Head of NAT SEC Div – FIRED
James Turgal – Assistant Director – FIRED
Greg Bower – Top Congressional Liaison – FIRED
Trisha Anderson – Principle Deputy General Counsel – FIRED
Randy Coleman – Assistant Director of Counterintelligence Div – REMOVED
Coleman Authored:
(1) Anthony Wiener [sic]
(2) [Unrelated]
(3) Wiener [sic] – texting 15 yo – Sexually Explicit
9/26 – Federal SW – IPhone/IPAD/Laptop
Initial analysis of laptop – thousands emails
Hillary Clinton & Foundation
Crime Against Children
Kevin Clinesmith – track & follow
Tashina Gauhar – track & follow
Sally Moyer – track & follow
Jason V. Herring – track & follow
Nothing being done?

Next to be indicted???

Praying Medic had quite a thought about this a few weeks back.

If the 25th Amendment were enacted, Harris would be declared “acting president”  – not president.

There is a process through Congress before Harris would be inaugurated president.

She would be acting in the interim as “acting president.”

Praying Medic suggested that if this occurs, with Harris becoming “acting president” –  in the time where they would be approving her prior to any inauguration date – that would be the time for the military to step in and reveal the foreign interference in the 2020 presidential election and draw the occupation of the foreign actors to an end.

In Canada, world’s first patient diagnosed with ‘climate change’

  • The patient was struggling to breathe after the recent wildfires in Kootenays worsened her asthma, reported Canada’s Times Colonist newspaper.
  • A doctor in Canada’s British Columbia province has diagnosed a patient who came in with breathing trouble as suffering from “climate change”, possibly the first such case recorded till date.
  • The patient was struggling to breathe after the recent wildfires in Kootenays worsened her asthma, reported Canada’s Times Colonist newspaper. The Kootenays region in the British Columbia province has seen over 1,600 wildfires this fiscal year, according to the BC Wildfire Service website.


Soros and other are now pushing the narrative contributing to climate change you can now hurt or kill people.  If they can list “climate change” as a diagnosis or a cause of death, they can