Good morning, kids. The start of a new week and up front, the fate of Kyle Rittenhouse, on trial for the heinous crime of defending himself with a firearm from having his life mostly peacefully snuffed out by white dopes on punk, who have now been elevated to the status of honorary negroids because the race card must be played. Remember that despite all the players here being white, the rioting in Kenosha was to protest the death of a black man. . . 400 miles away in Minneapolis. (yes, I did overlook the incident with Jacob Blake but that would’ve been a nothing-burger without George Floyd)

As commenter “…” (elipsis) said “The Democrat Party is white everywhere you look but constantly hiding behind black people. It’s political blackface.” With the prosecution’s case collapsing faster than a soused Hillary Clinton at a 9/11 memorial service, this calculus in the media was totally predictable. That was before Friday, but I digress.

Some people will look at what’s going on here and of course to the events that led here and think America has devolved into a lawless society. If that were the case, to paraphrase a certain Mr. Manson, the actions of Kyle Rittenhouse would be “no more important than eating an ice cream cone.” That’s pregnant with meaning considering a Joe named Brandon who evidently consumes it on an hourly basis these days (one scoop each of Ben & Jerry’s Broken Cherry Garcia and Rachel Corries ‘n Cream). 

If we were a “lawless society,” human nature being what it is dictates that what happened in Kenosha and half a hundred other urban areas would have happened perhaps dozens of times given the events that occurred in the wake of the unfortunate yet sadly inevitable demise of George Floyd. Meh, the mostly peaceful rioting would likely not have happened because the presence of “rooftop Koreans” would have prevented it in the first place. And George Floyd might be alive right now since even with a perpetual crystal-meth-induced haze he’d have thought twice about pushing the queer in a store that might have an armed shopkeeper. But, that’s not lawlessness. It is, as stated, human nature filling a void and doing its thing, as it has done now since Moonwatcher and his companions defended their turf somewhere in Olduvai Gorge 3 million years ago and the bone he tossed in the air morphed into an anti-sat weapon in low earth orbit.

No, America is not a lawless society at all. Mostly because American society as founded and as many of us grew up in, ceased to be as of last January 6th. But there are laws, alright, and you better believe they are being enforced mercilessly. Look at people from Donald Trump to David Daleiden to James O’Keefe to parents that are anti-CRT/vaccine/transexual rapists, to Boyd Camper and his fellow J6 political prisoners in the Garland Archipelago, to the Wyoming farmer fined $37,000 a day (where were the Cheneys?) to Ashli Babbitt, and so many others. The entire criminal justice system has been weaponized to absolutely crush any and all dissent while an unelected and unaccountable bureaucracy issues edicts that have the force of law which you will obey, or be punished. If they can rig and steal elections like they did in 2020, they can sure as hell rig judges and juries, as they did with Derek Chauvin, and given the bizarre turn of events on Friday with the special delivery from “the evidence fairy” seem poised to do with Kyle Rittenhouse.

The corporate media is shifting narratives about the Kyle Rittenhouse case because his self-defense claim is bulletproof. They want to erase the long-understood obligation for all able-bodied citizens to come to the defense of their community when the normal authorities are unwilling or unable to do so.

The constitutionally sound principle that allows and expects this is the left’s most-abused part of the Second Amendment, the “well-regulated militia.” This is the false premise being pushed by many historically ignorant moral scolds.

“Do we want a society in which political conflict is settled on the streets between people with guns? One in which everyone is armed and can therefore view the other people armed as a plausible threat?” MSNBC’s Chris Hayes wrote on Twitter. “Is that the society we want?” It’s tempting to answer with the online meme, “Your terms are acceptable”. . . 

. . . There is plenty of case law about this, but essentially it consists of able-bodied citizens who are available to help with the defense of the country. This can include actions against foreign enemies presenting a threat inside our borders, but it also includes cases of internal unrest or natural disaster. . .

. . . citizens are very likely to be the only force capable of responding in defense of the common peace and lawful order, at least for a short time. In the recent crisis, however, we have seen several occasions when the police vanished from afflicted areas of cities for a whole night or longer. Citizens who are left to themselves by a failure of state and local power have every right to defend the common peace and lawful order against those who would destroy it. . . 

. . . This is exactly what happened in Kenosha. The authorities there ordered the police to abdicate their responsibility to protect and serve the law-abiding citizens. They abandoned the community to a violent mob. When local folks, including Kyle, who worked there and lived nearby, rose up to defend their lives and livelihood, they were acting entirely in accordance with the constitutional concept of the militia. . . 

. . . The prosecution in the Rittenhouse case has even attacked Rittenhouse’s right to defend himself in the face of obvious deadly threats. They asked why a man who threatened to kill you and then tried to take your weapon away was a danger, why being hit over the head with a skateboard warranted a response, and what possible harm could present from a guy with a pistol pointed at your head six feet away. It takes a strong aversion to the idea of self-defense to make those absurd arguments — and yet. . . 

. . . The obscene part is that the charges of capital murder brought against him were entirely politically motivated to appease the very mob he and the others were defending against. But his fate now rests in the hands of a group of citizens who were also at risk from that same mob during the riots, just like Kyle.

The author seems confident that Rittenhouse will be acquitted but it’s not clear if he wrote this very well done essay before the judge allowed the computer-corrected picture allegedly showing Rittenhouse “threatening” his would be assassins. More importantly, the fact that these jurors’ identities are more than likely known by the armed militant wing of the Democrat Party – Antifa/BLM – makes an acquittal that much more problematic to say the least. 

The Rittenhouse show trial – and that is exactly what this is since from the moment we saw the video evidence as well as the numerous eyewitness accounts we knew it was self-defense – is meant as a warning for anyone and everyone who dares oppose this regime. Make no mistake; the rioting and looting of last year were fully sanctioned by the Democrat Party as both voter intimidation and with the inevitable actions of someone like Rittenhouse to be used as a pretext to disarm the citizenry. Remember, the lowlife Antifa scum are heroic, peaceful demonstrators in support of justice and civil rights. Anyone who opposes them is an evil white supremacist oppressor and so must be severely punished “to preserve our precious democracy” (spit). And since the prime threat to “our precious democracy” (spit) is not the Chi-Coms, Russians, Iranians or the “Religion of Peace” but anyone who wants to return to the days of white supremacy and slavery, since the US Constitution itself is a sham and a lie that was written by the latter to oppress colored people of color, then the right to keep and bear arms is a negative right that must be abolished if we are to achieve true social justice. Shit, I can be a speech writer for Titty Caca and dress up in a “tax the rich” ballgown. Winning.

Seriously, this is topsy turvy world. I’m to the point where if Rittenhouse is railroaded, I’d say bust him out of jail and smuggle him to Brazil. If that skank murdering filth Joanne Chesimard can flee to Cuba and be hailed as a freedom fighter, we surely can protect our own. Frankly, I’m kind of shocked that her namesake godson Chesa Boudin is facing a recall election in Frisco. I would have thought that given the fact that with an eco-terrorist running the BLM (no, not that BLM, the other BLM) and a Mongoloid skell with the “economics” degree from Patrice Lumumba University may be running our banking system, that Chesimard, aka Assata Shakur, has still to be given a full pardon, returned to the US as a hero and given a cabinet position in the newly formed Department of Peace, alongside Mumia Abul Jamal.

I guess that that’s what “President” Harris will do when she’s sworn in.

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