The fake news cannot hide what is happening to the economy, but they are trying to spin it as best they can.

BBB (“Build back better”) is not going to help the American people. It was designed to destroy America and the cost is not zero according to the CBO and everyone else.

The [DS] is now trapped, everything they have done to Trump has now turned on them.

The [DS] has now exposed their evil plan to the American people. They have been trying to remove free speech, freedom of press, privacy, the right to not be searched, the right to defend oneself, the right to carry arms, basically the Constitution.

All of this has failed because the people see it all, they see the evil plan. This is not about R v D, or race, politics, this is about preserving our way of life, and protecting the generations that follow.

The people are learning how to fight for freedom again, the [DS] is panicking over the public that is now thinking for themselves.

This graphic was actually shown on CNN if you can believe it.

FACT: Inflation is a tax by another name.

Dr. Robert Malone: Do Not Vaccinate Your Healthy Children

“The unfortunate truth is that we are going to have many children die before people wake up here. That’s what is going to happen. And that is what has got the founders of the Unity Project just livid now. We are rushing forward willy-nilly on damaging and killing children.”