Color me skeptical.

Praying Medic observes:

This hints at one of two possibilities: It could suggest there are plans to remove Biden, replace him with Harris, and she would need a Vice President. The other possibility is that Harris herself will be replaced.

What if there are plans to force Harris to resign? Perhaps threaten to expose past criminal behavior if she doesn’t step down.

Imagine the situation we would face if Harris resigned and then something happened to Biden.

Let me propose a third alternative:  Biden is about to be removed or to resign and HARRIS DOESN’T WANT THE JOB so they both end up leaving.  In that case the Speaker of the House becomes President by default and has to nominate a V-P to be voted on.

The big questions:

Which factions of the deep state are backing Harris?

Which ones are backing Biden? Which one(s) will win out in the end?

You have to believe that some of these people want to see Obama back in the White House. One way to do that would be to nominate him to fill the vice-president spot and then have the sitting president resign.

Imagine this scenario: Hillary replaces Kamala, Joe is 25th’ed (or croaks), Hillary becomes POTUS, Hillary appoints Obama as VP, all in an attempt to shelter them from prosecution

New statement from POTUS45 begins with him stating his love for the military and then mentions defeating the Deep State in the very next sentence 👀 — TheStormHasArrived17. 👇