He’s fallen, and he can’t get up. Last month’s Quinnipiac poll showed Joe Biden’s job approval at 37/52, which at the time looked like an outlier. Instead, the normally Dem-friendly poll delivered even worse news for Biden today and Democrats in general, especially when it comes to independents.
Biden’s support is both declining and softening, while disapproval is both expanding and hardening. He’s not doing great on personal traits, either.

Yikes. Democrats thought they would get a lot more mileage out of Biden on all three of those personal traits, especially when succeeding Donald Trump. Instead, they bought a confidence-crisis cascade on performance along with a character debate to boot.

Accordingly, Democrats’ prospects in the midterms have only gotten worse.

The problem for Democrats is a stampede of independents from their banner. They won those votes last year by promising a return to normalcy, competence, and cooperation. Biden has failed miserably on all three counts, which not only explains his crashing numbers but also those of the party that foisted him on voters.

Can they rebound? Only if Joe Biden recognizes his errors and starts correcting them. And since that seems unlikely, given Biden’s inability to accept criticism, Democrats will remain strapped to Biden’s hood as he continues to plunge off the polling cliff.’