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Legal minds Viva Frei and Robert Barnes: The Foreman Juror Has Gone Rogue

It seems that the foreman juror in the Rittenhouse trial is a authoritarian woman, who likely nominated herself as the lead, and is used to being in positions of power their forensic analysis concluded. 

If this is accurate, then this is exactly why the jury deliberations have taken so long. The foreman juror is most likely the one holding out and disagreeing to giving a ‘not guilty’ verdict. Again this is professional opinion based on forensic analysis. 

More on the rogue juror: 

Most likely she is the one who requested to be able to take home the instructions because she is the one dragging out the verdict settlement and tomorrow she wants to be able to come back and tell her other peers exactly how the instructions read and how others should vote for verdict. 

This is what’s known as a “hold out” when one juror is hanging onto anything in order to not give in to the other jurors. 

To give you an idea of the type of juror this person is 👇

During the very end of the livestream today the defense argued that they didn’t want the jury to be able to take home the jury instructions.

The judge responded: 

“I’ve never had anything like this” alluding to the fact that one juror is the one asking all the questions and making it difficult for the rest.

The rogue juror is most likely going to go home with the 36 pages of instructions and look into their own version of “duty to retreat” or “provocation”, really any aspect of the case and attempt confuse the rest of the jury tomorrow. 

If she is attempting to be the ‘hold out’, she knows she can wear on the others that want this to end and they become more willing to compromise and maybe convict on a lesser charge? If they’re not willing, then she still succeeds in getting a mistrial by having a hung jury. 

This is why not having a full proper JURY SELECTION was a bad idea. The judge rushed it and the defense could’ve avoided people like this. 

I think people are wondering why Judge Schroeder hasn’t made a ruling on the ‘motion to dismiss with prejudice’. Remember when I said the night they filed it that he would wait until the verdict comes out? 

He can still dismiss the case in Kyles favor after the verdict has come out because he hasn’t ruled on that motion yet and the jury has been deliberating.

This judge has a trump card to play as well if he feels the rogue juror is an issue or any other reason he finds prejudice against Kyle. He is doing it by the book too and waiting to rule on the motion until after a verdict comes out. 

(He won’t need to rule if Kyle is acquitted).