DO NOT EVER, not even for a SECOND, forgot who these people are & what we are up against. #spygate & #FISAabuse are child’s play compared to what these people would like to do to their political enemies.

These people have communism as their RELIGION. It is all important to them. Its so at their core that they will gleefully turn on & help destroy their own family members. These people are truly Evil— they have no ethical or moral lines they wont cross. People like Jennifer Gosar would throw their own families in a Gulag to rot and die.

DO NOT EVER, not even for a SECOND, forgot who these people are & what we are up against. #spygate & #FISAabuse are child’s play compared to what these people would like to do to their political enemies.

Mollie is absolutely right: the media are your Enemy. They lie to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. They would gleefully destroy your life & foment violence against you to further their political goals.

Examples: General Mike Flynn, Nick Sandmann, Kyle Rittenhouse. All of the #jan6 #politicalprisoners

Call out their lies. Never let the Lie stand unchallenged

Re sharing this recent post. Myself, our other admins here in The Library like @tracybeanz @FOOL_NELSON Stu @RealJudasGoat & the others are here for the fight. The Information War is critical to saving our country & our freedom. To not fight this war would be turning our backs on the men & women who fought so valiantly to create & defend this nation & our freedoms. 

This is our mission statement, our Raison d’etre, our Purpose. ✝️🇺🇸 👇

THIS. Tracy on her channel, & we here at The Library (including our very own Tracy Beanz) aren’t going to sugar coat anything. We will tell you the truth. Good or bad. It is what it is. We tell you the Truth; we think you’re strong enough & smart enough to handle it. You wouldn’t be following us if you didn’t want the unvarnished, unwatered down truth.

We are here to tell you the Truth. What’s really happening. Because we know that there are damn few places that people can find that these days, and that people are thirsting for it like never before.

I won’t call it hope porn; but i will say this— the future isn’t set, it’s what we make it. God, some inside source, some shadowy group of behind the scenes heroes…they aren’t going to save you. Or your job. Or your family. Or your future. 

God is on our side, but he’s giving us the tools to do it. It’s up to us, with His blessing. But NO ONE ELSE is going to do it FOR you.

YOU are. With me. With others like us. WE ARE. TOGETHER. We The People.

But we can’t do that if we aren’t honest about the real situation & if we do not have all the facts.

We are here to tell you the truth, so that WE can fight back & WIN, TOGETHER.

We The People. 👇

A lot of the outlets fighting this war are doing so on a shoe string budget. While the propaganda outlets like CNN, MSNBC, the Washington Post, the NYT, Bloomberg- who all lie to you consistently- have rich benefactors, we do not. We make do with a fraction of the resources & fight back with what we have. Please consider supporting outlets like & help us carry this fight to the enemy.  I know times are tough, and no one wants to hear the ask for funding. Especially in the holidays, but it is vital. Thank you for considering it. Even if you cant donate, share the word, spread the message. We are all one team. 

One Team, One Fight. One Mission. Take America Back.👇

NOTE:  The Library is one of my "go to" channels on Telegram.  Much of what I post here comes from their reports. I have recently opted to donate $5 a month to Tracy Beanz' UNCOVER DC news platform. Perhaps you will consider doing the same. 

Message from Tracy:
Support - UncoverDC

All of the facts and information I consume now come from reputable independent media. Whether that is on substack or at outlets that have proven themselves to be solid over the past 12-18 months, I go there to get background and truth. This post was triggered by a link I was reading posted on the FLCCC telegram that details the astonishing jump in female child deaths over average as the vaccine rollout happened. They’ve got a banner at the top that is asking for donations so they can continue working. 

All of these places are asking for financial support. Why? 

There is legitimately no way for us to do business without funding. UncoverDC has a payroll it must meet each week and  other expenses, publicists, mailing list costs, web hosting, and software expenses. I see the banner messages at these outlets asking for money to stay afloat and I feel their pain. It’s really, really hard. 

There’s going to come a time soon when I can’t run UncoverDC anymore and I always struggle with this because I hate asking for support. I don’t want to bother anyone. But corporate media is funded by BILLIONS of dollars and they lie to you with impunity. We need $5 a month from each of you to keep the business running, and the site ad free and full of information you need to make informed decisions. I’d love to be able to hire another reporter to take on more stories. If I had my dream, I have two more reporters in mind I’d like to bring on board. 

Quite honestly, we are not breaking even each month yet. And it’s scary for us. We love doing what we are doing and we love all of you who have stepped up to support us. But there’s going to come a time very soon when we may cease to exist. I’m not kidding. I mean that. 😔

If you can make a commitment to $5 a month it would be a game changer. If everyone here did that it would be a life changer.