The public is taking notice, they see the inflation and it is getting worse. The Ds decided to give a tax break to the wealthy. The Fed nominee cannot answer a simple question, telling you everything you need to know. The [DS] is panicking, they are preparing for Ghislaine’s court case and trying to get ahead of the story. Crimes against children is the common denominator. This will connect the dots and shine a light on the cult. The [DS] is winning (?) each and every battle and they will fight until the very end. The pandemic narrative is falling apart, the people around the world are pushing back and winning. In the end the perfect storm will be upon them and they will not be able to hide in the shadows, the people will demand justice.

40% Of TSA Workers Still Unvaxx’d As Thanksgiving Deadline Looms 

  • Ahead of Thanksgiving week, one of the busiest travel periods of the year, as many as 40% of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) workers aren’t vaccinated against COVID-19, according to Forbes.
  • Beginning on Monday, all federal employees must be vaccinated. November 8 was the last date that airport security screeners could get a J&J dose and be considered “fully vaccinated” to meet Monday’s deadline.
  • Everett Kelley, president of the American Federation of Government Employees, representing 45,000 employees, told a panel on Capitol Hill yesterday that the union urged President Biden to push back the vaccination deadline for federal workers to January 4. He was unsure of how many TSA workers were fully vaccinated at the moment and noted several TSA officials requested religious and medical exemptions for the vaccine.
  • A perfect storm could be developing. There appears to be a great deal of TSA workers who have yet to be vaccinated and may complicate their work status next week as AAA is projecting that 4.2 million Americans will fly over Thanksgiving weekend, about double the number from last year but still down 11% from pre-pandemic times.
  • This ought to be the death knell for the push for mandatory vaccines. Will it?
  • Via Alex Berenson.
  • The brown line represents weekly deaths from all causes of vaccinated people aged 10-59, per 100,000 people.The blue line represents weekly deaths from all causes of unvaccinated people per 100,000 in the same age range.I have checked the underlying dataset myself and this graph is correct. Vaccinated people under 60 are twice as likely to die as unvaccinated people. And overall deaths in Britain are running well above normal.
  • Now we know why the globalists want to hide the Pfizer vaccine results for 55 years.

The FDA Produced First Batch of ‘Confidential’ Vaccine Docs — Now We Know Why It Will Take 55 Years

  • As reported earlier, the FDA does not intend to fully release the clinical trials information used to justify its authorization of the Pfizer-BioNTech ‘vaccine’ for 55 years
  • “The FDA has proposed to produce 500 pages per month which, based on its calculated number of pages, would mean it would complete its production in nearly 55 years – the year 2076,” the court filing said. “Until the entire body of documents provided by Pfizer to the FDA are made available, an appropriate analysis by the independent scientists that are members of Plaintiff is not possible.”
  • Two months after the lawsuit was filed, the FDA has produced the first 91 pages of the “more than 329,000 pages 
  • “It is estimated that approximately [REDACTED] doses of BNT162b2 were shipped worldwide from the receipt of the first temporary authorisation for emergency supply on 01 December 2020 through 28 February 2021,” the document states.
  • “Cumulatively, through 28 February 2021, there was a total of 42,086 case reports (25,379 medically confirmed and 16,707 non-medically confirmed) containing 158,893 events,” the FDA document continues. “Most cases (34,762) were received from United States (13,739), United Kingdom (13,404) Italy (2,578), Germany (1913), France (1506), Portugal (866).”
  • Below is a General Overview of the reported outcomes to the Adverse Events:

  the System Organ Classes (SOCs) that contained the greatest number (≥2%) of events in the overall dataset, were General disorders and administration site conditions (51,335 AEs), Nervous system disorders (25,957), Musculoskeletal and connective tissue disorders (17,283), Gastrointestinal disorders (14,096), Skin and subcutaneuous tissue disorders (8,476), Respiratory, thoracic and mediastinal disorders (8,848), Infections and infestations (4,610), Injury, poisoning and procedural complications (5,590), and Investigations (3,693).

The number of Adverse Events in the following categories are shown below.

Aaron Siri points to remarks that Pfizer itself made about “large numbers of spontaneous adverse event reports.”

One of the documents produced is a Cumulative Analysis of Post-Authorization Adverse Event Reports of [the Vaccine] Received Through 28-Feb-2021, which is a mere 2 ½ months after the vaccine received emergency use authorization (EUA). This document reflects adverse events following vaccination that have completed Pfizer’s “workflow cycle,” both in and outside the U.S., up to February 28, 2021.

Pfizer explains, on page 6, that “Due to the large numbers of spontaneous adverse event reports received for the product, [Pfizer] has prioritised the processing of serious cases…” and that Pfizer “has also taken a [sic] multiple actions to help alleviate the large increase of adverse event reports” including “increasing the number of data entry and case processing colleagues” and “has onboarded approximately [REDACTED] additional fulltime employees (FTEs).” Query why it is proprietary to share how many people Pfizer had to hire to track all of the adverse events being reported shortly after launching its product.

HUGE: CDC and Big Pharma Data Confirm that More Children will Die from COVID Vaccine than from the COVID Virus

  • Toby Rogers put this analysis altogether.  He shares:

I was reading the CDC’s “Guidance for Health Economics Studies Presented to the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP), 2019 Update” and I realized that the FDA’s woeful risk-benefit analysis in connection with Pfizer’s EUA application to jab children ages 5 to 11 violates many of the principles of the CDC’s Guidance document.


  • Rogers sums it up as follows:

So, to put it simply, the Biden administration plan would kill 5,248 children via Pfizer mRNA shots in order to save 45 children from dying of coronavirus.

For every one child saved by the shot, another 117 would be killed by the shot.

The Pfizer mRNA shot fails any honest risk-benefit analysis in children ages 5 to 11.

More… Dr. Michael Yeadon, former Pfizer VP argued earlier this month that children are 50 times more likely to be killed by the COVID vaccines than the virus itself,”

Yeadon was a chief scientific officer and vice president at Pfizer before he left in 2011 after more than 16 years at the company.