Polish and American journalist Matthew Tyrmand on with Bannon this morning discussing the riots in Europe because of mandated mass vaccination, and now what will happen in Germany “It’s gonna be ugly. You’re gonna see a lot of violence.”


We’re trailing Europe by about six months of this, Bannon says.

Dr. Naomi Wolf joins Bannon to discuss how America is still an island of states, but we have to look at Europe and that’s where we’ll be six weeks, let alone six months from now.

Genocidal policies in Europe of years ago, we have to ask why the mandated vaccine with all the evidence that spike proteins that accumulate in ovaries, etc. why is Europe mandating that everyone take the vax.

Fauci is now talking about vaccinating the babies. Are these vaccines losing their efficacy after a few months? Is that why the boosters? Or is it something more diabolical. If this is just a medicine, why are people being forced at economic gunpoint to take it?

The coercion of vaccinating everyone against their will is it to destroy the control group?

This is a crime against humanity.

Is there any evidence the German government is going to shut down to enforce the mandatory vaccine?

Hard to say because the news coming out of Europe is hard to say. this is no longer a public health set of policy – there’s something else obviously going on. Clearly it’s a bid to crush the free nations of Europe and the 60-70 year renaissance of freedom, and possibly to cover up a crime in which people are getting sick and dying from the vaccine.

If you don’t want America to look like Austria, Australia, and expanding to Germany, you have to fight.


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