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Issue 58: Scales and Pendulum

I am quite sure I am not the only one who’s heart was beating out of his chest as we all witnessed what went down yesterday in a courtroom in Kenosha, WI.

But what made this case truly unlike anything we had witnessed to date? I can only speak for myself but as the lead juror handed over the final verdict topage1image440980480

the judge, I couldn’t help but briefly ponder ‘this could have major implications one way or the other for a very long time. Say what you want about similar cases that preceded this one whether it be the
Floyd / Chauvin case or the Jacob Blake shooting that sparked the Kenosha riots to begin with back in August of 2020. The case of Kyle Rittenhouse, while obviously connected to those riots took on components that speak to fundamental questions that transcend all of these events. One of those questions is…

Does Lady Justice still have on her blindfold?

Just two days after the fatal shootings of Joseph Rosenbaum and Anthony Huber as well as the

shooting injury to Gaige Grosskreutz, Kyle Rittenhouse was indicted…..after just two days. Indictments, even in obvious cases of malice, can take weeks to transpire. But in the case of Rittenhouse, an instantaneous indictment was almost a guarantee because by that point in August of 2020 the BLM / Antifa justice monsters were holding all the cards. For the love of God, we had politicians collectively kneeling in the capitol rotunda in honor of George Floyd and BLM. So, for a solid year the media and political establishment were executing a full court press and flat out lying about a teenager that to them was nothing more than a

means to an end to continue the dividing and destruction of Americans.

As far as they are concerned Kyle Rittenhouse deserved the electric chair immediately and anything short of that is injustice. But by the time the trial started it didn’t take long to figure out that the media had been portraying the events of that night 180 degrees in the opposite direction of what actually transpired. By the time we heard the first couple witnesses from the prosecution we were all convinced that it must have been some sort of mistake and that these were really defense witnesses, right? This is how preposterous this entire spectacle had become. After just a few days

pretty much 70% of America had to be asking “why exactly are we having a trail?”

But the point in the trial where everyone of us proclaimed to the defense “what in the hell are you doing?” was the moment that Kyle Rittenhouse decided to take the stand.

I was stunned and my heart sank as I pondered the many landmines this young man may be gettingpage5image416080560

ready to walk into. Please Kyle, don’t do this. You have no idea.

As it turns out, this may very well have been what saved Kyle’s life. This was the moment where he had to be saying ‘there is no way that if there’s a chance you’re putting me away for life that it will be without me telling my story, I will be heard’….and was he ever heard. With perhaps a worldwide audience of hundreds of millions watching, Kyle Rittenhouse told his story. A story of a young manpage6image416160864

simply trying to help and the next thing he knew he was being attacked by mindless criminals with no regard for life and certainly not for the life of a man wielding a weapon.

It may have been intuition, it may have been the holy spirit, or it may have been just pure passion to tell his side. Whatever the case, had he not made that decision it is possible we could have seen a very different outcome. And after watching the prosecutorit can’t really be argued that we possessed a very sharp two-edged tongue. Like him or hate him, that slimeball came to the table with a sinister game plan, and he executed that plan and pushed the envelope in a way that overshadowed the defense

team even though they clearly had the truth on their side. I don’t want to talk down to the defense because they seemed like genuinely good guys who also came with a plan but when you see your client being taken behind the woodshed by a prosecutor with that kind of intent you had better be prepared to return fire with a cannon as opposed to a water pistol.

So, the question going around is ‘why the long deliberation’? After 3 plus days of deliberations it put everyone in America on edge. I suppose it was due diligence on the part of the jurors considering what was on the line….but perhaps some of that had to do with jurors needing to make plans to secure

themselves and their families in preparation for violence. That is a sad but perhaps true possibility.

There is so much to be encouraged by yesterday’s verdict and Lady Justice is still holding the scales and the blindfold is still covering her eyes but trials like this sure make me think it’s a pretty loose fit. Be encouraged but also beware because the enemy is certainly around every corner like a roaring lion seeking whom he may devour. Multiple politicians like Cuomo, DeBlasio, Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers, and even Joe Biden himself were rooting against the facts and for the destruction of a teenager. So don’t think for a second that you or I,

by doing the right thing at the wrong time couldn’t find ourselves in a world of hurt because we could.

But perhaps yesterday was the day. Not only was there the massive emotional release from Kyle and everyone that shared the anguish of knowing just how close we were to complete and total injustice…..but maybe it was the day the pendulum started to swing back. Not back to 1963, God forbid that ever happens; but maybe it swings back to…well….at least to a little reality. A reality that says we are all potentially in the crosshairs of injustice. Because these scumbags don’t care about white, black, Asian, or Mexican. All they care aboutpage10image614799040

is power and they will turn anyone against anyone to maintain that power. There was no doubt that justice was served yesterday but the real justice is coming. The justice that is unleashed on the powers and principalities that have enjoyed the evil of turning Americans against each other. Who would have ever thought that we would witness a verdict on one of the biggest race cases perhaps of our time….and yet at no point did this case actually involve race. But if you were under the impression any of this was ever about race even to begin with then your eye is not on the ball. The Black Lives Matter movement was not, is not, and will never be about race. That may sound somewhat surprising, but I can assure

you the activities occurring before, during, and after this trial are proof positive of this fact.

You know who these three women are?

They are Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza, and OpalTometi…founders of Black Lives Matter. Besides what is already obvious, one thing these three women have in common is all 3 (by their own admission) are trained Marxists. So, by definitionthey don’t give a damn about race even though they use those talking points because it’s advantageouspage12image615002448

to do so. Their primary job is to facilitate revolution in the name of BLM so that they might endear the unsuspecting to their cause, when in reality the cause is centered on controlling the very masses that are revolting. This is why you still see tens of thousand marching in the name of BLM after a verdict that was purely white-on-white. In order to properly dissect this, we have to stop for just a moment and listen to what we are hearing. When I do this…when I stop and listen it doesn’t matter if the commentator is black or white….this is what I hear:

• I hear ‘vigilante’.
• And I hear ‘crossed state lines’.

Oh I hear the other stuff too (white supremacist, Trump supporter, blah, blah, blah)….but don’t let those hot button words designed to keep us at each other’s throats take our minds away from what is really being done here. What we are witnessing is a copy and paste of the Bolshevik revolution being applied to an American context. In Russia, they didn’t have a history of skin color-based divisions that were pulled together to foment unrest in the country. But what Marxist do is they seek to utilize whatever may be available to create the unrest because people will voluntarily in times of chaos, cede freedom they would never allow to be relinquished otherwise. It is endemic to human

nature that mankind is more than willing to exchange liberties for protection when they are afraid.

However, this goes well beyond Marxism. Patrisse Cullors says “There are many spiritualities in BLM and I am calling for the spirituality to be deeply radical. We are not just having a social justice movement; this is a spiritual moment.” We won’t go into the details of the spiritual movement here but if you ever want to hear what BLM is really all about then Abraham Hamilton if your man. He hosts the Hamilton Corner on YouTube.page15image441280656

But I gotta be honest. I am really starting to think the

jig is up.
become so
there is a
not go
Issues like
Antifa, and social justice will be front and center on every ballot at every political level in the United States in 2022, 2024, and beyond. The political brushfire is already white-hot. But this is a new level because it means something to people when the enemy turns their sword towards teenagers that

has now obvious but point that simply will beyond. CRT, BLM,page16image417720640

have committed no crimes. These are all topics that not only ignite but unite the masses. If I had to guess I would say that when the Marxists were in the back rooms planning their hostile takeover of the greatest country in human history, they didn’t really have a mitigation strategy as it pertains to overcoming the American spirit. Americans don’t need Joe Reid, Rachel Maddow, BLM, or any of the cast of freaks telling them what loving your neighbor looks like. All they need to do is shut their mouths and either pick up a hammer, paint remover, or whatever else is requiredpage17image417822640page17image417822944

to start rebuilding some of these cities they helped to destroy.

I like to equate the current crop of Marxists to dogs because they are so very instinctive in terms of returning to their own vomit. They are simply too stupid to realize that it ends up tasting much worse the second time. It’s really a two-step and very reliable process regardless of which Marxist you pick. Do these dogs even know what they are doing? Of course not, but it’s what makes them such a reliable asset to normal Americans because their predictability is what makes them vulnerable. And what’s more is they tend to run in packs like hyenas because there is strength in numbers. The problem

with dogs and especially hyenas is that they are easy snared by the wiser and craftier animal. Also, in the end there is little benefit to being a hyena because eventually they eat even their own and you are one mistake away from being dinner.

At the end of the day, we have a whole heck of a lot to be happy about with what transpired yesterday. If you haven’t heard the musical piece on this subject, I highly recommend it.page19image418005824

The ballad recounts the events of that night in a somewhat somber and accurate way. I’ll let you listen to it yourself but here is a little excerpt from the end of the song.

The Ballad of Kyle Rittenhouse by Clifton Hicks

Last to try young Rittenhouse was pistol-packing Gaige But Kyle blew his arm in two and Gaige did run away Yes, Gaige did run away
Now Rittenhouse is innocent, it’s only common sense For he did not do nothing wrong but fought in self-defense He fought in self-defense

Sometimes the best message is the simplest one.page20image416856016

So where do we go from here? Well, if an event like this doesn’t motivate the people do away with all these creatures of satan then I’m not sure what will. But Lady Justice prevails, and the pendulum is indeed starting to swing the other direction.

In other news, Biden briefly transferred power to Kamala Harris yesterday while he underwent a routine colonoscopy. So, Kyle Rittenhouse received justice at the precise time that perhaps the biggest race baiter and most hated person in politics was president for a day. Oh, and by the way Joe, hopefully when they got up there they were able to clear everything out that may have been clogging your colon……especially since there is probably some high priced lawyers for Kyle Rittenhouse that are getting ready repopulate it with about $200 million worth of lawsuits. Kyle is getting ready to…