Posted by Joe Lange at Spitballers (Telegram):

Spit ball

Be aware of what’s happening my friends!

I’d like to answer the question I always hear.

“Why is Trump and the military allowing this to happen?”

And it doesn’t matter what the “this” is.

I want to give you a new perspective and I will use what happened yesterday as a perfect example.

The country was watching the Rittenhouse trial with baited breath.

People I know were watching every minute of the trial. I watched none of it. 

Every person I know expected him to be convicted. All of them.

I didn’t. Why? 

Because smarter people than me who know a lot more about trials were saying the defense lawyers were doing a great job destroying the prosecutors narrative and the prosecutor knew it. They started doing things to try to get the judge to declare a mistrial cause they knew they were losing. This judge was having none of it. He made it go to the jury to his credit and justice prevailed.

I don’t blame the people I know for thinking he would be convicted because that’s what we’ve seen our whole lives. A two tier justice system.

Here’s where Trump comes in.

He didn’t have anything to do with the trial.

But he played a huge part in what happened afterwards, or what didn’t happen.

All my friends thought the trial was a lose/lose proposition. They either convict him wrongly or mass riots happen and cities burn again.

Can you blame them?

When the riots happened before I kept hearing… why won’t Trump stop them?

It’s war and there were good reasons then not to.

Trump exposed the democrat mayors and governors for promoting the violence.

But if if you were following Q you knew there was another reason he allowed it to happen.

Our special forces were infiltrating and mapping out the leadership and funding. What’s better in war? To confront the enemy head on? Which is what the democrats wanted Trump to do. They wanted a civil war.  Instead, our special forces have been knocking down their doors in the middle of the night and rounding up these foot soldiers. Have you noticed the spy plane and helo activity all over the country for the last year? Enemy combatants.

The same question came up back in the 2018 midterms. Why is Trump allowing the democrats to steal the House?

Same reason my friends. The military was infiltrating, mapping and tracking all the ways they cheat. Preparing for the sting operation in the 2020 election.

Q told us the plan. Even picked the one county in the country that was ground zero for the exposure. Maricopa.

Apply this logic to anything that’s going on.

Va__ine, border, inflation.

It’s all the same playbook.

Game theory.

Expose the enemy and then fight them on your terms. When they are weak and you are strong.

Lots going on we will never see.

Here is some hard truth. 

Trump is seeing everything we are seeing AND MORE!

He knows everything we know AND MORE!

But he also knows the plan.

We don’t.

Hasn’t he proven his love for this country over the last 5 years?

Hasn’t he proven his love for the American people?

Hasn’t he proven he’s a fighter and in no way a quitter?

Can we please give him the benefit of the doubt and trust him and our military to both uphold the oath they took to save this country?

We are witnessing history. Big history is never easy.