This evening Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) posted this on her Telegram page:

“I’ve told everyone what a horrible person Lin Wood is and if you watched Tucker Carlson tonight then you heard from Kyle Rittenhouse one of the reasons why I think so.

Lin keeping Kyle in jail instead of bailing him out with ALL that money donated FOR Kyle is absolutely evil.

Lin should go to jail for what he did to Kyle.

I also fully blame him for why Georgia lost our Senate seats.

He’s from Georgia and we know him as a life long Democrat not a Republican.

He grifted off of Trump & told people not to vote on Jan 5th saying their vote would be stolen.”

However, David Clements of “The Professor’s Record” (telegram), had plenty to say about Tucker Carlson AND vociferously defended Lin Wood:

“The Professor stands with Lin Wood.
No one in the patriot movement, myself included, has endured more attacks from the enemy than Lin Wood. Lin Wood is a fearless truth teller who is unashamedly devoted to Jesus Christ. My heart grieves at what he has had to endure. The enemy has tried to take everything from him. Lin is not alone. He has devoted himself to “We the People.” The devil is feverishly trying to remove him from the battlefield. Please tell everyone on your respective channels, in the comments section, that you stand with Lin. Lin will never quit. Neither will I. Your righteously pissed off unemployed traveling audit salesman.”

“Just FYI, my statement concerning Kyle Rittenhouse’s allegations against Lin Wood: I believe what Kyle said to Tucker about as much as I believe there’s a man in the moon! 🙄 Kyle is a young man that has been traumatized to no end and is being lied to and used by less than honorable characters to throw shade on Lin! I know @linwoodspeakstruth on a personal level and I can promise you that did not happen. And I’d be willing to bet that Lin’s got the receipts to prove it! Don’t be so quick to crucify someone till you have all the facts! Have we not, as Americans, learned this lesson before??”

“Tucker Carlson was already on my shit list. But his coordinated hit interview on Lin Wood with Rittenhouse’s handlers is confirmation that he’s no friend of “We the People.” Silent on election theft for an entire year? Don’t sell me on the virtues of Tucker Carlson.”

QAnon John (Telegram) echoed those sentiments with this post: “I’m gonna go out on a limb here and say I think it’s VERY possible Kyle Rittenhouse now has handlers now coaching him on what to say…I could be wrong, but this would NOT surprise me. Very unfortunate. Also, I know Lin Wood and what he is saying about Lin does NOT line up with his character. At all. It didn’t take much to see that Tucker interview was OFF, at the very least if not totally scripted… All I’m going to say is as of right now, until EVIDENCE could prove otherwise, which I find unlikely…Lin was already able to provide receipts. I STAND WITH MY FRIEND LIN WOOD.”