– Mike Lindell is on LIVE.

LINDELL: ““Fox is horrible — what they’ve done to our country is horrible. Fox is the worst problem we have with media in this country. We know where the other media comes from. Fox refuses to report anything on the flagrant theft of the 2020 election — all the crimes — they don’t report anything related to medications that treat for the China virus. They won’t talk about vaccines or rigged voting machines. They are not on our side. They are controlled opposition.”

The attorney generals are doing a Supreme Court complaint. You can read the complaint at They have not signed it or filed it yet, but we have a copy of it – Fox isn’t going to report any of this. That’s the problem we have with Fox News.”

“I tell patriots, ‘Don’t go Fox on me, don’t go silent on me’ — that’s what they do. Fox couldn’t even be a weather channel because they won’t report an oncoming storm if they so chose not to. They are doing more damage than all the CNNs and MSNBCs combined — at least we know where they others are coming from.”

“Shame on Fox. Shame on all the people we trusted over there. Sean Hannity, Laura, Tucker, Judge Jeannine — all of them — they think that they are better off staying there talking about stuff that doesn’t mean anything just because they think that being there is better than not being there at all. The people, we trusted them to get the word out, that’s why they can do this massive cover-up of the election crimes. It’s the biggest cover-up for the biggest crime in history.”

“Fox, just like CNN and MSNBC, refuse to cover the truth about the 2020 election or about the therapeutics that work for Covid or the lies about the vaccine. Fox News is sponsored by Big Pharma just like the others, so we can’t trust anything they tell us about the China virus and vaccines. A year and a half ago, when all these different therapeutics came out that effectively treated the China virus, they suppressed all that too.”

“I get attacked every single day by the media. But at least I am able to get the word out because when they attack me they announce what I’m doing. Last night, Jimmy Kimmell attacked me last night and said ‘Mike Lindell is having a 96-hour Thanks-A-Thon to talk about his ‘conspiracy theories’ about the 2020 elections,” Lindell said. “But he is still getting the word out that we are doing it. But Fox won’t report anything. The terrible media on the left just attacks and then goes silent on the issues of the day. And then you have Fox, which is the worst.

“All the election fraud evidence pouring out over the last nine, ten months –Fox has not reported one thing on it! That’s why we’re protesting there today, which will be all day. When you rely on an outlet like Fox News to report the truth, we are very much in trouble. I compare it to a Republican — your terrible  Doug Duceys and Brad Raffenspergers–  why are they such obstructionists? 

“They obviously don’t have a party agenda which means they are compromised, have a personal agenda — something is going on. Fox has a knee-deep agenda otherwise they would be reporting these things, they would be reporting the election crime. They would be reporting all those things that they don’t report. They used to report. Now, they have a lift in front of them, they can’t report on issues that they are not ‘supposed to.’

“When they don’t talk, people think everything is okay with the 2020 election. When they cover the 2020 election, they are doing what I call ‘election deflection.’ They decided to start covering the criminality of Hunter Biden’s laptop back in November — when it was too late. They needed to talk about the election crimes — with the machines, with the hacks, with the audits that were conducted in all 50 states — they still to this day won’t talk about it!”