Very serious stuff… nuclear waste facility security guards! Imagine if they and others walk off the job rather than take the jab? Honestly, the global elites are insane to first of all, try to control the world by weakening our immune system using this virus as an excuse to do further damage to us and future generations via this jab, and secondly, to think they can get away with it without Americans’ resistance. As one commenter put it, “we have things that go bang bang.” And it could come to that. We shall see. Trump loaded the courts with Constitutionlists, so right now it is up to the courts. If they fail us, we may have to use the bang bang to protect the tree of liberty.

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Four senior employees at the Savannah River Site Nuclear facility have filed a federal lawsuit against their employer, Centarra Group LLC, to prevent forcible Covid “vaccinations” pursuant to President Biden’s Executive Order 14042.

“Coercing people into taking medical procedures they don’t want is immoral, unconstitutional, and not something that should ever happen in a free society,” said attorney Lauren Martel, who represents the employees in the lawsuit.

In their court papers filed with the Court, the employees argue that forcing them to take the Covid “vaccines” violates their rights to religious liberty because the “vaccines” being marketed are all made from fetal tissue matter. Each employee is a religious Christian with sincere religious opposition to the practice of abortion, from which procedure fetal tissue matter derives.

The employees also argue that coercing them to inject foreign substances into their bodies violates their fundamental rights to privacy and bodily autonomy. “As Christians, we do not support the right to abortion – but if the Courts say that a woman cannot be forced to use her body to protect the life of an unborn child, we believe the same principle prohibits the government from forcing a person to use his body to protect others from Covid,” said Martel.

Central to the employees claims is the allegation that even though a private employer is the one attempting to enforce the mandate President Biden’s Executive Order, the private enforcement is still an action of the government. According to Martel, “the constitution does not allow the government to deputize and order private individuals to commit constitutional violations that the government would not be allowed to commit if it acted directly.”

The employees have requested a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction barring the enforcement of the mandate of Executive Order 14042 against them.

Martel says that “the case is crucially important to protect the individual rights of all Americans, regardless of their political or religious beliefs. If the government can force you to inject a foreign substance into your body against your will, what can’t that government do? This is one of our last stands against an unlimited government that does not recognize the rights and dignity of the individual.”

Furthermore, Martel warns that this particular challenge to forced vaccination involves crucial national security concerns. “The Plaintiffs in this case perform elite security services at one of the nation’s nuclear waste facility sites. If the courts allow this coercion to stand and the Plaintiffs’ employment is terminated for not surrendering their bodies and religious beliefs, the nation’s nuclear and other military sites may wind up unprotected. These employees have elite military and physical training as well as high level security clearances, which are not easily replaceable.”

The case number of the matter filed in the Columbia Division of the United States District Court for the District of South Carolina is 1:21—cv-03674.

For more information, or to donate in support of the employees’ cause, please contact attorney Lauren Martel at (843) 298-3831 or via email at or via direct link here: