Before we get to today’s JJ’s take, I remind you that JJ Sefton isn’t, not has he ever been, an adherent of the research and drops advocated on the Q military grade information platform. Sefton’s views would be different if he was, and because of the lack of insight Q has provided us, JJ reports on what’s downstage, not what’s occurring backstage. — Andrea

Good morning, kids. The weekend is here and you’ll all be thrilled to know that the GOP drew a line in the sand and said “enough!” by rejecting the raising of the debt ceiling and tying it to any potential vaccine mandates.

Psyche! Of course they caved, as if you expected anything but kabuki theater followed by a bukkake “happy ending.” And of course, brave Joe Manchin flexed his man-chin to declare:

“In the midst of the [Chinese] COVID-19 pandemic and as the new Omicron variant emerges, I will not vote to shut down the government for purely political reasons. There is too much at stake for the American people. But let me be clear, I do not support any government vaccine mandate on private businesses.”

In the immortal words of Henry Mancini, “where do I begin?” 

First, everything that is done in Washington DC IS politics. Second, we are already trillions upon trillions in debt with no way of ever paying it back, let alone the trillions in interest on the borrowing. Third, the government is NOT the economy. At least not yet despite the anti-American left driving us off that cliff. Fourth, Manchin just voted to give the government and its bureaucracies the blood money it requires to impose its will on the American people whether we like it or not. Fifth, the fact that Joe Manchin, despite being from West Virginia, is still a Democrat, and worse, he and not a Republican is the one making this statement, transparently and laughably phony as it may be, is just the bitter end. 

And this segues perfectly to yet another infuriatingly clueless pundit supposedly on our side who rails against the GOP, phony conservatism and — you guessed it — Trump. 

If Trump returns to the White House in 2024, and the Republicans regain power, this will be a rallying call for the Left as it was when Trump was elected in 2016 and as it continued to be throughout Trump’s administration. The zealotry of #TheResistance succeeded in defeating Trump and his party. There can be no doubt that, had [Chinese] COVID happened in, say, Hillary Clinton’s final year in office, we would’ve had a very different 2020 — Democrats would’ve wanted to get reelected.

To those who will doubtless object that my case against Trump in 2024 and what’s become of the conservative movement is defeatist and that I am an appeaser of the Left, I don’t know what else to say. My entire point is that the defeatism and appeasement of the GOP and Conservatism, Inc. is what brought us here. Those of us who have supported them throughout the years should at long last abandon that support.

How many disappointments, betrayals, and failed promises do people need to endure before they say, “Never again?”

It is amazing how a smart man like Jack Kerwick makes absolutely zero sense whatsoever. He’s blaming Trump for being surrounded on all sides by Deep State traitors, most notably from within his own alleged party as well as krony korporatist frauds who pretended to be outsiders, for their malfeasance, criminality and collusion (heh) with the globalist leftist enemy.

Look, Donald Trump for sure has his faults, his biggest one being the same as we all had: blindly trusting that certain crucial institutions were beyond being corrupted by the left. Seriously, as cynical as many of us are, could anyone have believed that the DOJ/FBI and CIA would actually work hand in hand with both the Democrat Party and actual foreign intelligence agencies both friend and foe alike to overthrow TWO separate elections? This is the same DOJ that still imprisons scores of innocent Americans on trumped up charges of insurrection and treason; the same DOJ that has labeled concerned parents as “terrorists” for opposing the mind- and body-rape of their children. The same law enforcement agencies and sadly individual police officers who protected their pensions and jobs rather than life, limb and property as scores of cities burned in an orgy of Democrat/local government sanctioned looting and arson as a means of political intimidation and terror. Same deal with the terrorist attack on Waukesha. Same deal with the persecution of Kyle Rittenhouse who tried defending himself and fellow citizens from same. And on and on and on. 

And could anyone have believed that the CDC, NIH and the other seemingly non-political agencies were not first and foremost concerned with the health of Americans and not money and power as well as helping a sick, evil g-dless totalitarian empire in the PRC actually use our taxpayer dollars to create biological weapons? The same CDC and NIH that has used the mercifully relatively harmless Chinese COVID as the greatest psychological weapon in history to traumatize an entire population into surrendering its freedom and handing over a shattered economy to government control?

No, Mr. Kerwick. Trump is for all intents and purposes to my way of thinking blameless for what was done to him and in point of fact to all of us. Now that said, whether or not he is the ideal standard-bearer going forward is another matter and one that we are going to be debating more and more as 2022 and 2024 approach. For sure, the GOP is not only dead but is every bit the enemy of the people as the Democrat Party. America as founded is dead. I do not even think we can go on as we did before with regular order, elections and all that because one side (with both parties) is anti-American to the core and wants to destroy the last vestige of the old Republic and those of us who supported it.

It is time for a second American Republic. And while I revere the original Constitution as a truly Divinely inspired document, it’s Achilles heel is that it required very flawed human beings to respect its proscriptions and practices. We all know what happened since its ratification, especially over the past 110 years or so. That is the Gordian knot if you will of a free society; how does one preserve a free society when truly evil human beings will use those very freedoms as the means by which to enslave us? If there is a second American republic, which no doubt will have to rise from a sea of ashes, we’ll have to figure how to solve that in the next set of founding documents, lest we lather, rinse and repeat all over again.

And speaking of ashes, look at what the hell is happening in Germany and Australia.

Merkel announced the measures after a meeting with federal and state leaders, as the nation again topped 70,000 newly confirmed cases in a 24-hour period. She said the steps were necessary to address concerns that hospitals could become overloaded with patients suffering from COVID-19 infections, which are much more likely to be serious in people who have not been vaccinated. . . 

. . .The country has an almost 70% vaccine rate. I don’t know if Merkel will require the unvaccinated to wear anything for identification. But I have a feeling they’ll have to show their papers.

You know, Germany. Yeah — . . .

. . . Australia continues its overreaction to [Chinese] COVID. The police in Northern Territory (NT) arrested three teenagers for allegedly escaping a “voluntary” quarantine camp. Have you seen these camps? It looks like Jonestown. 

The three teenagers will likely face more time in quarantine despite them posing a low risk and testing negative:

He said the escape could mean an extension of the time the teenagers were required to stay in quarantine. “Absconding from Howard Springs isn’t just dangerous — it is incredibly stupid,” he said  “Because we will catch you and there will be consequences.”

Another man escaped a few days ago. They’re investigating the incident because no one could want freedom, right? Now they’re installing more CCTV cameras in the camp.

About those three teens who escaped from Stalag Woolamaloo? Get this:

All three teens tested negative for [Chinese] COVID the day before they bolted. They never actually HAD the China flu. They were locked up for coming into contact with someone who had it.”

Kyle Rittenhouse is one thing, and it’s a big one. But if you really want to know why we have a Second Amendment, look no further than the absolute abomination that is happening in Australia. G-d help this illegitimate junta and any of its enforcers if they try this shit here. And G-d help us.

In that light, I want to wish a very happy Hanukkah to you all of you, not just the members of the Tribe. A festival of light and of life – and of miracles – when all around is darkness, is something we can all use right now.

New CJN Speaks! podcast coming tomorrow or Sunday. Have a great weekend.

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