Gen Flynn was spot on. “QAnon,” as the Old Guard advertises, is a CIA narrative. “QAnon” is the banner they’ve used to smear patriots, discredit Trump, and subvert our legitimate concerns over gov’t. corruption, Treason, and Human Trafficking.

“Q” on the other hand is not a CIA narrative. Moreover, the fact that the Mockingbird Media has/continues to disinform [discredit] Q intelligence tells you all you really need to know.

Q researchers watched for years as Flynn, like Trump, Scavino and others all supported (and affirmed) directly and indirectly, the Digital Soldier/citizen journalist movement that the Q campaign and Q drops birthed. There is no question at this point that the Enemies of the People fear the Great Awakening (that) Q spawned.

And for those of us who spent years researching Q drops, first to disprove, and then to understand and connect the dots, we can assuredly tell you Q is proving right at unprecedented levels today.

NCSWIC. (Nothing Can Stop What Is Coming)

Just look around. We have started to fight back en masse across the country on multiple fronts. From causing the Old Guard to label concerned parents ‘domestic terrorists,’ to our explosion of forensic audits and new state voter laws, to LET’S GO BRANDON!, to rejecting masks, vaccines, mandates, and Fauci. To major sweeps at the polls last month. When a local truck driver unseats a Senate chair, you know we are winning.

In this “great” awakening effort alone, Trump and Q have succeeded. Today you can easily find Q researchers sprinkled thoughout every major city and in just about every town in America. 

Now it is on all of us, Q researchers or not, to carry America over the finish line. This battle has always been about UNITING all Americans around truth and justice to win back our country. 

Though we may disagree on Q (and other things), it’s an honor to fight digitally with you for life, liberty, and justice; for God, country, and family.

Operations are fluid.

This is why operators always adjust in stride and remain adaptable to complete the mission. Moves and countermoves.

No one is going to validate an Op before it’s time, just as Adm. Rogers would never have confirmed Q Group while it was active.

The Lesser of Two Evils

I believe the Patriots chose the lesser of two evils:

The enemy was in the process of driving us into indefinite lockdowns, remember?  If Trump hadn’t “Warp Speeded” a vaccine, they would have locked us down in dystopia for the next 6-12 years while our economy collapsed and inflation exploded. All they talked about is how ‘we can’t do anything until a vaccine is created to save us.’ They would have ushered in the Great Reset long before we even realized it happened.

The dystopia route would have played out far worse, and caused far more casualties. I do not believe we would have had a country at the end of that very dark tunnel.


Patriots instead would destroy the enemies’ narrative, forcing it down their throat at record speed to disarm them.

Knowing that the Patriots had to bait the election theft to seal the enemies’ fate under State Secrets, future prosecution, exposing the rigged game to the People and triggering Devolution (which is happening), Warp Speed was a (necessary) play the Patriots had to take. 

It’s the only play that was A) going to keep us in the fight, and B) complete the sting.

I see Trump as the QB of a large team. And even if he and the team failed, We the People are ultimately the last line of defense. Thankfully, 100 million well-armed patriots represent the largest army on earth. 

Come charging in here to conquer us with foreign troops? That number increases by a lot. Our enemies obviously know this, hence their subtle decades-long subversion and infiltration.

I understand the struggle some feel over Trump’s bombast about Warp Speed. I don’t like it on it’s face either.

But, would you still feel that way, if you knew the alternative was going to create far more casualties, inevitable civil war (as endless lockdowns would presumably trigger at some point), and the end of our Constitution? 

Trump revealed (the effectiveness of) HCQ and look what happened. The Globalist machine coordinated against him to the point of attacking HCQ worldwide using (what are now) redacted and fraudulent studies. 

Today most people believe HCQ and Ivermectin are effective to some (a large) degree. Most people know masks are useless. Most people are not afraid of Covid anymore.

I see it in the public every day, from back when everyone wanted me to put on a mask while working with them to now shaking my hand and smiling maskless. And this has happened only because there is a persistent force (Trump and all of us) countering the Deep State.

To me, President Trump’s primary mission after ushering in Patriots to re-activate and operate the US Constitution was to lead WE THE PEOPLE in defeating Mass Propaganda Media, its Mockingbird bullhorn, and In-Q-Tel funded tech.

Today, it looks like Trump Aquisitions and are positioned for the kill shot. 

Deploying the 44th Rule of Power (?), President Trump continues to wield confidence, intelligence, audacity, and bold patriotism that incenses them into a frenzy, a madness, and what has become self-perpetuating exposure before the masses.

Five years ago, if you questioned the legacy news networks/prints you were overwhelmingly mocked, attacked, or scoffed at as a foolish dunce. Today, very few trust the corporate news media.

IMO, Trump’s and the Q campaign’s primary job was to wake enough of us up at a grass roots level that it would become self-perpetuating and cross the threshold into the the majority. That’s happening now.

–Blueprint at Telegram