(Let’s see if this a fake news account…)

Maureen Bannon
Army Veteran, Operation New Dawn Veteran, #SteveBannon’s Daughter

Hello Telegram, you may not know me, but you know my father, Steve Bannon. I am his daughter. You can google me.

I am determined to prove my father’s innocence. 

I fight for everything my father ever fought.

Unity which my father demands, unity for better USA. Our family has been attacked from the government, the only thing they have against us is LOVE and PATRIOTISM for our country, which is certainly unfamiliar to them!

Dear Americans, it’s a pity and a violation of the basic human rights that our family members are under surveillance and restricted on all social media except Telegram, and thanks to this platform we can raise our voice and tell the right side of the story, the one that keeps them sleepless at night. The one which will make AMERICA GREAT and FREE again!

Here’s the thing! My father gave me a job. Telegram is one of the safest apps there so I’ll share here, everything that they denied my father to. But first, I would like to ask you to share my channel, so that as many people possible can gather here.

Soon I will start sharing SECRET documents, the truth about military experiments, the Middle East, Biden’s “weird” connections with China, classified info on Durham investigation, who really was behind the Trump-Russia scandal, and everything the Government has been hiding from the public.

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Let’s help my father to be free again! Join me in my movement and share this post with the hashtag #IStandWithSteve 

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