Here we go…

UK “journalist”/asset refuses to wait 14 days for a rule to expire and gleefully posts “evidence” that the jury was biased by… 

*checks notes* 

a sex abuse victim. 

Go ahead. 

Do a retrial. 

Let’s see photos and videos as evidence next time.

From SDNY rules: 

Where is the original presiding judge? 

Does a new random judge mean prosecution would show video and image in a retrial? 

A retrial would be the last thing everyone connected to Ghislaine wants right now.

Did you know that, through the FVEY information sharing agreement, the UK is allowed to spy on American citizens? 

American citizens make up the jury pool. 

Technically, the UK should be legally allowed to collect all information on the jury pool as they were being selected.

Juror #50 works as an executive assistant at Carlyle Group. 

David Rubenstein is the co-founder of Carlyle Group. 

Ghislaine once bamboozled David’s ex-wife for +$200K in donations to TerraMar. 

Kickback recovery scheme?

Fun fact: 

Carlyle Group took a majority ownership position of Booz Allen Hamilton, a massive defense-oriented consulting firm in the 2010s. 

Who worked for Booz Allen at that time and went public with details about US surveillance? 

Edward Snowden.

So, Edward Snowden was the one who told us all about FVEY surveillance, despite working for Booz Allen, which was formally owned by Carlyle Group at the time of Edward Snowden’s disclosure 

Either this ended up being a massive short-signed footgun or someone has been at this for a long time

There’s no need for Ghislaine to have stayed in France. It just would have added more suspicion while she left her network flapping in the wind  

It’s much better to have a US trial because, according to FVEY, the UK (And Canada and AUS) can spy on her American jury pool 

Because of Snowden, we know that members of FVEY can spy on each other’s citizens.

The Ghislaine trial is being thrown into a mess because one of the jurors failed to disclose he was a sex abuse victim.  This juror works for Carlyle Group.  (Carlyle Group owned Booz Allen when their employee, Edward Snowden, would leak information about FVEY)

Ghislaine could have stayed in France because extradition.  That would have put pressure on her network.  So, instead, she gets a trial in the US.  But why?

Because the UK can use FVEY to spy on the jury.  That was the winning move for Ghislaine, and she had to get walked into the trap.  And the UK is about to get caught abusing FVEY in this manner.

When caught, would that mean the UK may have spied on jurors during cases involving election results? 😱

(Above from Ghislaine Maxwell Updates on Telegram)



Number of times Q mentioned FVEY: 22

Number of times Q mentioned Snowden: 45

Number of times Q mentioned Rothschild: 10