For all those saying “fix 2020 now”,

While I don’t disagree 2020 needs to be fixed or something done about it, what is it you propose we do?

>Forensic Audits were performed and we have not been given the full results about it 

>Trump has spoken on it countless times 

>We’ve spoken on it countless times 

>Supreme Court won’t hear it 

>Federal courts can’t change it 

>State legislatures continue to advance forensic audits

>Current Congress members won’t vote to do anything about it 

>Certain states have changed voting laws

>Many states are continuing to perform investigations about it  

>Many local law enforcement agencies have subpoenaed records recently 

>Whistleblowers are still coming forward 

>Durham still isn’t done investigating and his reports have not been released 

>Media won’t tell the truth 

>The world is inundated with vaccine and covid BS

So what’s the game plan ? 

Are you gonna start a war ?

>because killing innocent people is a good idea ? 🙄

Are you gonna not vote ?

>because making it easier for the Dems to cheat is a good idea ? 🙄

We were told “nothing can stop what’s coming”, to “trust the plan” , and “violence is not the answer

For those of us that have seen the thousand+ Q proofs and have been here since the beginning are not about to switch all of that now just because some emotionally unstable people being manipulated by shill accounts on social media tell us to. 

Fact of the matter is, many of these people saying this have no idea who or what we are up against – A Centuries’ old satanic death cult embedded in every nook and cranny of earth. 

This isn’t just about what YOU think needs to happen. 

A 20 year plan has been in place and is still actively taking place behind the scenes. You don’t win by exposing or stopping any one single thing- you win by exposing and stopping every single thing ALL AT ONCE.  

To do this legally and prevent a way out takes time all while we also have to wake up the innocent people involved because not everyone asleep or supporting the other side is the enemy. This should be logical to those who have fully educated themselves on the last 4 years and to suggest otherwise is not only selfish, but completely ignorant, illogical, emotional, and stupid.

You can’t tell em- you gotta show em

>You’re being shown now 

>it wouldn’t be showing if it was not thought to be real by those who don’t understand what’s going on

>this WILL be painful – it’s designed that way because otherwise people won’t find the will to change 

If there wasn’t a plan in place, told to us years in advance, with information readily available for anyone to read and educate themselves on it, I’d agree that a difference in action is necessary. 

But there is. So violence isn’t necessary. We aren’t going to stoop to their level and we don’t need to in order to win. Have faith. Pray. Put on the armor of God. We were told in advance. If you haven’t educated yourself and got right with Jesus then whose fault is that? 

As for me- I’m comfy. 

Even if we all got duped and there’s nothing we can do to stop the NWO instead of justice, then Jesus is coming back as prophesied in the Bible. 

So either way – I’m comfy. 

But if you disagree, enlighten everyone else with what you think should be the plan

–IET 17, Telegram